• They need their sleep to have maximum learning ability.

    They need their own assigned bedtimes because they need to get their sleep. In school, They learn a lot. Without sleep, They can't remember what they learned during the day in school, Which can cause learning and focus problems when they are older. They will fail classes and fall down in grades without sleep.

  • They Need to Make Individual Decisions

    Middle school children are coming of age. This is a time in their lives where they are beginning to learn how to take care of themselves, And are beginning to go into the stage of learning how to be an adult. Allowing them to pick their own sleeping times is a start at this. If they stay up late, They will feel it the next day when they're tired all throughout the next day. They will either change and adapt, Or continue to feel this consequence time and time again. In addition, Strict bed times don't work with most students nowadays because of busy schedules and rigorous amounts of homework. In order for students to learn how to live on their own, They will have to start small. One way is by allowing middle school children to select a bedtime that works for them as an individual and having them independently stick to that routine.

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