• Of course they should.

    Middle school students are beginning puberty and most of the time, they don't know whats happening to them. Health can teach them that whats happening to their body is normal and there is nothing wrong with them. Also, as sad as it seems, there are some middle school students who are sexually active and/or doing drugs and they don't understand the consequences that follows those kinds of things. Health can teach them what the consequences to having sex and doing drugs are and can prevent other students from getting involved in it.

  • ABSOLUTELY, Middle school students should have health classes!

    I am a middle school health teacher, And I have seen first hand how powerful and beneficial health classes are for middle school students. Middle school students are a lot more mature than people give them credit for. MS health focuses on helping students understand the importance of challenges they will be faced with, And how to make smart, Educated choices that will help them to live positive and healthy lives. Everyone thinks that MS health class is all about sexuality and sex education. The truth is that we cover a multitude of important topics that face these kids everyday i. E. Mental and emotional health, Stress management, Healthy and unhealthy relationships, Nutrition, Fitness, Substance abuse awareness and prevention, Bullying, Peer pressure, Refusal skills, Goal setting and much more. Content classes are incredibly important, But so is giving our students tools to help them navigate everyday life challenges so they can live long and fulfilling lives. The life skills learned in health are used every day, And could literally save their life. Children these days face a lot more life challenges then ever before, And they need to be educated and prepared for ALL challenges that they will encounter.

    Additionally, Health classes are not designed to replace parents views, Opinions, Or values, But to supplement and reinforce parents teachings on these topics with proven researched curriculum. Not to mention that not every students has parents, Guardians or positive adult influences at home who can guide them through this important time in their life. Research shows that students who are educated about these important topics make better informed decisions when faced with challenging situations. Middle school health classes are absolutely essential, And this shouldn't even be a debate.

  • Yes! Middle Schoolers should.

    I think middle schoolers should have health because they are getting to that age where they want to explore their body and different sexualities. High school is the time they start dating and need to be more aware of their self-care like emotional and physical otherwise they won't have any self-esteem or confidence.

  • Yes they should

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  • Yes! They should!

    They should have health class because if they don't they could seriously hurt themselves. They could bend the wrong way and seriously hurt themselves. They could do something to someone else and hurt them. They could do something bad but not know it was bad and they could end up in the hospital.

  • Yes they should!!!

    They should have health class because if they don't know something about their body, they might do something to hurt them. They could bend a wrong way and rip or pull a muscle badly. They could do something they shouldn't do but not know it was bad for them. Think about that!

  • Yes, health is part of life.

    Yes, middle schoolers should have health class, because learning to take care of one's health is critical. The mind is no good if the body is weak. Students should take care of themselves holistically, by learning about the body, mind, and spirit. Health class is critical at the middle school level because students should learn about their health early in life.

  • No No No

    Health class is to much for middle schoolers to handle. At their age they are way to immature to take away any lessons from this class. Some people might just laugh this class off and that's not good. Plus parents could teach all of these lessons to their kids without making a disgusting class out of it.

  • No No No

    Some kids just aren't able to handle the pressure of learning how disgusting they could be, Plus their parents could literally just teach them everything about health. Kids are pretty immature at this age and might not take things in health class seriously enough. So that's why health class is a no no

  • No health class

    You could take the time from health and give it to more important classes like language arts, Reading (or language your taking), Math, Science, Social studies. And if your a slow learner since you have more time in all the subjects so you will have time to learn better and take a test with more time

  • We forget everything after we leave class

    Students are not interested in health class and the information is lost after the class ends resulting in a waste of time. Teachers waste time, students waste time, and this time could be spent doing something useful instead. Students could spend this time working on homework/studying or something else productive.

  • Yes students should take health class

    Yes students should take health class because they need to know what they should or should not eat and whats good for their boys,lungs,muscles and what can go on in your body if you eat the unlimited amount of the wrong and the unhealthy foods and junk for your body...,so that is my reason why students should take health classes

  • No no no

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