• Balanced breaks .

    Year round school would give you brakes all the time therefore you could have longer breaks to visit family. It is necessary to get a good education otherwise you will have no job and be a bum so with a lesser education enjoy your bum hood my friend that's all.

  • Summer learning loss

    It helps prevent summer learning loss . On average teachers spend 4 weeks reteaching students what they learned at the end of last year. The students could be learning something new but because of a 3 month break they have forgotten everything they needed to have remembered . School should be year round

  • There should be year round school's

    There should be year round school's because it prevents knowledge from being forgotten. Think about it if we had year round school we could spend less time in school, and we could have less school days. If you get knowledge that would lead to jobs witch would lead to money that would lead to as much relaxation you want!

  • Yes,middle schools should be in session year-round.

    Yes,middle schools should be in session year round.This will prevent knowledge from being forgotten over the summer break and will teach students that school should be thought of as a job which requires participation on a year round basis with very short breaks for vacation or maybe a few days for a holiday.

  • But not extra days

    There is a definite argument to be made to year-long schooling, as long as the number of days don't increase. The easiest argument for year-round schooling is that a 3 month break over the summer months is a huge drain - mostly due to the loss of information retention at the beginning of each subsequent school year to review.

  • Yes, all schools should be.

    We are basing our own school year calendar on a farming model that no longer is useful for most of us. Middle school youngsters especially need structure and to learn new things intellectually as well as to have a social context if they are to avoid being in trouble. We need to give them year round education with breaks.

  • Yes we should.

    Yes we should get a year-round school because of the opportunities we get, as a student, I think we should. I have been to one before it was fun to go to. I am a really Iintelligent stugent and yesI do forget half the things these teachers be teaching me.

  • Schools shouldn't be year-round

    How would you feel having to go to school year-round? If when one year finished, the next year started [INSERT PLAN]. I know I wouldn’t feel good. This is why the affirmatives plan to make school year round will not work. One reason to make school Year round is to get rid of a long summer because kids supposedly forget information. First, I will tell you harms of a year-round school year. Following that, I will explain how these harms will inherently grow more problematic with time. After this, I will present why these harms are important.
    Having year-round school would fail to increase student’s grades. In fact, standardized test scores were even with traditional schedules, or even dropped. According to the Southern California Consortium on Research in Education, Schools that had traditional schedules had better test scores than year round schools. In the LA United School District, 212 Year-Round schools averaged about 580 on their standardized tests, and traditional schools averaged 675 on their tests. In a region outside the Los Angeles County, year round schools averaged just over 600, and traditional averaged over 700. Also, this new schedule would prevent students in high school from getting and keeping a summer job, which is a key factor on resumes and college applications. A part-time job also allows a high school student to learn money management skills, time management skills, and explore job opportunities for after college.
    Why does our school schedule matter? These students are the next generation of our country. They will one day inherit this country, and if we ruin their education, the future of America will forever be affected.

  • If we had the same amount of school days, then it could only be good.

    Schools should be year round if there were still 180 days, because it would only decrease summer break and extend our other breaks, as well as adding a 2 week fall break as well. The only reason we don't have year round schools now is because it used to be that 85% of students in the US were involved in the agricultural cycle. Now, only 3% of students are involved and need to help their families during the summer. Also, now almost all schools have sufficient air conditioning.

  • Same amount of school days, just summer break is shorter and other breaks are extended.

    This wouldn't increase students' learning time, but would make it so that they would not forget so much over summer break. The only reason that we currently don't have year round schooling is because 85% of students USED TO BE in the agricultural cycle, so they were needed at home during summer. Now, only 3% are, and almost all schools have sufficient air conditioning.

  • We shoudnt, its bad

    We shouldnt have year round schooling its bad, we should have the regular calendar year because its good. We shouldnt have year round schooling its bad, we should have the regular calendar year because its good. We shouldnt have year round schooling its bad, we should have the regular calendar year because its good.

  • Why should kids go to school year round

    Even though kids don't really remember anything from the last year at least they have room for next year and to store it up for the next test or something. And kids will concentrate more. You guys might not agree with me but that's my opinion for this debate 😠

  • Waste of time

    We kids would not be able to go to family members in other states. It would make more kids depressed and not able to function at school. That would ruin there grades or ruin chances for kids to enter or support sports teams. Thats all I have to say bye.

  • Kids Need Time to Rejuvenate

    Throughout the year kids are bombarded with tests quizes and homework. While none of these things are entirely bad to some people the quantity of the work is like a mental abuse. The pressure children are under to achive good grades and eventually make money is large and exhausting. Eventhough some kids don't care eitherway, thier apathy towards thier work will increase if it never ends as there is no end to the papers. As for the kids who do want those high grades the endless repetition will wear them down and make them less able to learn, (Multiple credible studies have been done on this subject)

  • Students wouldn't have enough family time

    We wouldn't have time to hang out with family or friends and kids need that. That is like the most important thing to them. Even though I'm a student I know what kids like and want. So that is why kids wouldn't have enough time to hang out with there friends and family.

  • To much of a good thing can be bad for you!

    Think about it, most students dislike school to begin with. So if schools were all year long they would go crazy. They would start to hate school and the people in it. These students would start bringing the bad behavior home and the parents would not be happy with them or the schools. This can lead to stress for your child. They would probably drop out as well. Not only do the students need a break but the teachers and staff members as well. To much of a good thing can be bad for you.

  • Year-Round Middle School Is a Bad Idea

    In many ways, year-round middle schools are a bad idea for younger children. A child needs summer break to grow and develop socially. They even need this time to relax a little. While year-round middle schools can be beneficial in certain ways, they can also hurt a middle school child in other ways.

  • No schools should be year-round.

    Not only do I think middle schools should not be in session all year-round, but any schools for that matter should not go all year. Students simply need a vacation and I think most of them have earned their Summer vacation. It's the best for them to recharge their gears.

  • No not all

    I think we should be given the choice between schools that are year round and schools that follow the traditional pattern. It should be up to the parent which school sounds like it better fits their kids needs rather than forcing one type of education onto all the children everywhere.

  • Students Need A Break!!!

    Students work all semester long, and they have already retained enough information. It is unnecessary to have students go to school over the summer and winter breaks. Students in the past have been successful when they don't have to go to school all year long. Students should not attend school all year long.

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