• Yes it they should

    It may not be such a bad idea for middle schools to have indoor track teams if it will get the students to exercise more which could be healthier for them and it may provide a chance for them to learn about how teamwork works and how important it is.

  • I say Yes!

    They're many reasons that I would say but, I will only say a few. Many people are different in many ways, more prefer this and that. Others prefer that. Indoor Track is a great sport to have since many people can bond and it will increase your endurance, confidence, stamina and self-esteem. It will has similar events to outdoor track and its safer indoors than outdoors.

  • I say no

    The indoor tracks have no fresh air so the students have no fresh air to breathe in so there lungs can be effected if all they do is run inside and theres no wind or weather that they will need to be able to help them all it does is makes them work harder

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