• Stop the homework

    Im in 7th Grade and i hate homework. It takes up too much time and so i can not do anything else thta i want to. And, before you say anything else, I am a A and B student and I am very smart. Homework is a bad idea. Its not good for us

  • I think less homework

    Kids are struggling and constantly not getting enough sleep! Also they have trouble,and they don't like it. Maybe they can finish in class or they shouldn't even have any. That's what i think about kids and not doing homework! Do whats right about homework,i really don't care ,its just an opinion!

  • We get too much homework!!!😰

    We stay up very late doing homework every night! And some people haven't long after school activities. They shouldn't ban homework but they should give less homework. Some kids stay up till like 12am to do homework I stay up till at least 10:30pm doing home work because I do dance 10hrs a week and most of it is during school week.

  • I don't like it

    I don't like homework. I play many sports and have practice everyday after school. I am to busy to do my work. Because the work helps my grades I have to do it. That requires me to stay up until about 10:30pm every night. And the next day I am very tired and the same thing happens every night. This is why I don't like homework.

  • No more homework

    Its not like we dont stay up till very early in the morning working on home work. Staying up late is bad bc you need to get sleep in order for your immune system to work properly. Home work also stresses out the teenagers and parents. When your a teenager you need to get a certain hours of sleep, but with home work you dont get all of the sleep you need for the next day.

  • We get enough homework

    We get enough homework as it is. I think we shouldn't get less homework. I think this because, well, middle schoolers need homework to have a good academic grade. I think high schoolers should get a break once and a while, but not us middle schoolers. In conclusion is say nay.

  • There is too much homework

    Some students get way too much homework and get to sleep after midnight and on weekends they wake up after noon. :( High schoolers in multiple states are sleep deprived and that's not cool. Sure 62% of students in the Windy City say that they either have too little homework or just enough but I want to know how much homework they have in Chicago

  • Too much homework

    Homework should not even be allowed in middle school because we stay up late and do it when we could be spending time with are family and playing out side with are friends doing awesome activities and hanging out. But instead we have to stay in and do dumb homework all day.

  • A little is okay, But we get WAY too much

    I think it's healthy to get 5 minutes per class of homework in order to review what happened during the class, But getting 30 minutes is crazy! I can barely finish it and it's so hard and boring. I'm constantly stressed about something and sometimes I feel like I'm going to crack.

  • Admit it. Homework sucks.

    I believe that kids stay up way too late just doing homework. They might have after school activities that take up enough time, and there's homework! Others just think teachers pack in that homework and say it's due the next day. It can leave a student stressed out and tired from staying up late just doing homework. If teachers were to give maybe like at least one page of homework with about 7 questions, just to keep students' brains going, then maybe the students will stop falling asleep in class.
    In conclusion, too much homework can stress out and tire students.

  • Less homework please :d

    Some kids stay up very late. To do homework I for one once stayed up till 3 A.M to finish my homework. Also we need a break because if we stay up to late we are going to get sleepy in class and fall asleep so that's why. I think we should have less homework

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