• To raise money for the school to have more activities

    I think that we should have soda machines to raise money for the school and some kids don't like milk, which i know is healthy,but kids don't like the orange juice that is served.Therefore, I think that all students should have access to these soda machines to raise money for the school so we can have more after school activities that can be used for high school credits.

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  • Kids need to be Tested

    If having easy access to vending machines "bad" for children because they could get un-healthy habits, then how will they be able to handle these said temptations in the real world. Kids need to have a little freedom in schools so they can begin to make their own choices and be prepared for adulthood.

  • The soda machines

    I think middle school's should have soda machines because most kids are lactose and tolerant and they can't have milk but they can have soda or juice. Most athletes need water or gatorade to workout,practice,or even have a game. Mostly i just think middle schools should have vending or soda machines

  • I'm more yes than no

    I would say it's up to the school districts. I think it's fine to drink soda. Soda is more bad than good for you, but when you exercise or eat right a few sodas aren't going to hurt you enough to recognize a national ban. Yeah, we have health problems in America, but creating laws isn't the proper way to fix that. Education is. However, if school districts see it necessary to remove soda machines from their middle schools then the federal government shouldn't tell them not to. I vote yes because I don't think a blanket statement should be made that middle schools shouldn't have soda machines.

  • No, soda and sweets do not belong in school.

    A cafeteria line that has desserts at the end of it or ice cream served is one thing. But putting vending machines in schools for all day snacking on soda and sweets is just wrong. It is wrong to make money off of the impulses of those who are mere children and whose bodies are still developing.

  • Look At the Ingredients

    Firstly, you should look at the ingredients before buying any kind of soda or drink. This is because there are plenty of things that, if you overdose on, can make you obese, this is why you should not have soda machines in schools. There are probably a bunch of numbers out there but that would consume too much of my time trying to find it.

  • No Soda Machines in Schools

    Diabetes and obesity are major problems in our modern american society. According to the centers for disease control, obesity in children has doubled and obesity in teenagers has tripled over the last 30 years. Soda is extremely high in sugar, about 44g per serving, which is not good for children. To prevent future health related illnesses and lower the obesity percentages, soda should not be given to children in schools.

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