Should middle schools have tracks for track teams?

  • Isn't that the point?

    I mean, track and field requires a track for the running events, so isn't that the point? People would also have the chance to warm up their bodies so they have an easier time doing events. Like a mile run, they would be used to running a long distance. Finis

  • Isn't it obvious?

    Wouldn't that be the point? You need to practice in real conditions for the real thing. It's like having someone take your texts for you, then you get a final exam. It's not that hard to make or borrow a track. Track isn't just running, there is other things like discus and javalin.

  • Yes, that would be great.

    Middle schools should have tracks, I think the students who are interested in track and running in general would very much appreciate it. It could help sport enthusiasts start learning more about tracks that will be in other schools like highschool and proper prepare them for the leap as they go up grades.

  • For track and fitness

    In middle school we did not have a track to run on for sports or for physical education which required us to run the mile ever week. A track would promote exercise in our increasely staggering number of obese children. I makes sense not only for track teams but also for the school to use in general.

  • Just wait until high school.

    Most kids won't be interested in doing a sport like track and field at such a young age like middle schoolers. Besides, it costs a lot of money and those kids would just go to highschool after 3 years. There's really no point. If anything, just make a lousy 400m oval thing. Not a track.

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