Should middle schools remove writing as a core class?

  • No, just no.

    I agree with everything Hippo said. You can just find vocabulary on google.Com and some people's dream job does not involve reading or any of that trash. Plus, all ELA is is teaching you how to speak formally and write a book, nothing special intended in that area. You wouldn't have to ban ELA, but just make it optional. Same for the other subjects. Schools should focus more on jobs and the requirements jobs have. Plus, schools should also focus more on life. In my whole school career, I have never learned to vote, drive, pay taxes, etc. If all schools take concern of this, I'm sure more students would succeed in life.

  • Writing as a core class

    I'm not American, but it seems like you have a whole class for writing? If I am wrong please correct me, a class all for writing is pretty pointless. In Australia we don't have writing classes instead writing is bunched in with English. By middle school hopefully, you all know how to write so you don't need writing to be a core class, yes it may be a good idea in primary school but in Middle school there is no need for it.

  • Writing is very important.

    Without learning to write, someone couldn't complete assignments in other classes. You wouldn't be able to fill out your doctor's office paperwork. You wouldn't be able to write an entrance essay to get into college or an essay in your exams. You couldn't pass the writing portion of the GED to graduate. You couldn't teach your children how to write. This world requires people to be able to read, write, and do math.

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