• Yes, to avoid later problems

    Seeing as middle school is the period when most children go through puberty, they should be taught about their bodies and the availability and importance of contraceptives, rather than teaching abstinence and ignorance. Obviously, one can't expect to control a person once their mind is set on something; it's just as if a teenager expresses interest in trying alcohol, the parent should allow it in a supervised situation, if students are going to have sex, then they should know how to be safe and how to avoid transmittable diseases and pregnancy. They should also be taught the necessity of consent and the parameters of sexual assault and rape. Ideally, gender identity and sexuality should be addressed and explained in depth as well.

  • Sex Is good

    As a parent of a healthy, good looking 17 year old boy, I do believe that sex education (in relation to the basic difference between genders) should be taught in school. I have come to the opinion, in talking to other sets of parents over the years, that for the most part parents have a paranoia and a basic fear in talking to their kids about sex.

    This could stem from many reasons. The biggest reason I guess is that they feel that it could adversely effect their relationship. And when you get right down to it, people, for the most part, are rather uncomfortable in talking about sex.

  • Yes, because the more you know about sex, the safer you'll be.

    Many have argued that school is not a place for such topics, but if not at school, where will students learn about this? A lot of children don't have parents that are considerate enough to approach their children about sex education. Also, some children might be uncomfortable discussing this with their parents. If kids had no knowledge of what sex really was, they may experiment, or form mistaken ideas of this subject. Without sex education in middle school, many kids may be exposed to bad influences with no prior knowledge, and something terrible could happen.

  • Unfortunately yes, they should

    Not wanting kids to be interested in sex so early isn't going to make them stop, and we're at a point that hormones raging in middle school is far from unheard of. If they're going to be thinking about it anyway we might as well prepare them to not be stupid about it.

  • It helps reduce teen pregnancy...

    They are going to learn about sex whether we like it or not, I prefer it if a well educated teacher taught them, not just some ad on TV that encourages them to go out and rape people. If they get the proper education then they will be better of then watching some movie and trying it out themselves and catching an S.T.I....

  • Yes, I do believe it is important because alot of young teenagers are interested around this age..

    It is important for the teens to realize all the bad and risks sex has.. When I was in middle school I didn't pay attention in class and I missed out on all the important diseases that sex could cause. I believe that teens should be aware of how some teens are already born with the disease and how you can prevent spreading it ...

  • Yes, I do believe that middle schools should introduce sex education, because that may be the only education regarding this particular subject that some children receive.

    I think that middle schools can teach sex education to children, without crossing any ethical or moral boundaries, and be nothing but beneficial to all children. For various reasons, this may be the only education regarding sex or STDs that these children receive, so it would be great. I think that it falls along the same lines as health, and if health can be taught, then sex should be, also.

    Posted by: UnsuitableRigoberto99
  • I'm in favor of teaching sex education in middle school because without it, it leave student unprepared for life.

    Failure to provide sex education to middle school students leaves them unprepared for many challenges they may face in life. There are all sorts of diseases that people may get if they lack education in this area, and rather than letting them figure it out by trial and error, it's better to prepare them.

    Posted by: 5h4bbyByron
  • Yeah, it'll help children

    yes because some kids dont have parents or parents who dont care enough to have "the talk" with you. it will teach kids to be careful and even if they do (hopefully they wont) they will at least know how to be safe about it. and plus it will encourage kids to think that sex if life and its what created them. otherwise they'll think its just to go out and have fun.

  • Educate parents maybe?

    Educate neglectful parents? yeah they should, and also they should learn about it the second they ask someone about it. I like how some parents (ie my mother) failed to teach me about it, and when i reached puberty i had a kid at a very young age.

  • This is not the proper environment.

    Sex should not be taught be teachers who don't feel comfortable about answering the questions of curious kids. It should be the parents job to teach children about sex. I'm not saying it's wrong to eventually teach growing kids about sex, but I think parents should be the ones to tell kids about it. Not only does it let the parents protect the child, but it also keeps kids away from those awkward environs.

  • Teens are curious about this stuff, they like trying things out...

    Why. I think sex is a topic more taught personally than taught publicly. Kids are rowdy at this age. I've been in middle school, and the topic all around was "he kissed her, or they had sex last night"
    Even though society is obsessed with sex, that dosen't mean the kids have to follow.

  • No.

    The school is no place to teach about sex or introduce young minds to adult things. This subject should be taught in the home by the parents. Sex is an important thing between two people and should be treated as such. There is no reason to teach it in school. The students will then only become more interested in sex and want to do it.

  • NO

    Because they will get interested in it and start raping little girls

  • No, middle schools should not teach sex education.

    Middle school, I would like to think, is still an age of innocence. How about making students aware of the biological changes that are occurring at this stage in their lives. I think that introducing them to sex education may make them interested in sex for all the wrong reasons.

    Posted by: StripperMor

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