• Yes, Midwestern states should be required to at least help coastal disaster relief.

    I think that when a disaster hits the United States of America, every state should at least contribute financially in some way. We should not try to think of a natural disaster as something only states who are affected by it should be concerned about. We need to all help each other as Americans.

  • Yes if we help with their issues

    I think that states should help other states with natural disasters. If the mid west floods the coastal states should support their relief. If the coastal states are damaged from huricanes or other storms than the midwestern states should help out. We are United States that should help each other.

  • We all should help each other out

    Of course, we do need to do more to either build in areas that do not get hit by disasters as much, or make buildings be able to stand the potential disasters, For now, it does no one any good when we leave our fellow country men and women to suffer through these crisis's The country does better as a whole when people can go right back to work and have a place to live.

  • No, there are disaster relief funds for this.

    No, we should not get into the trap where we start requiring every state to finance disaster relief. All that will lead to is more disaster in the form of missing or embezzled funds, inappropriate usage of funds, astronomical salaries for more people to manage the funds, and no one capable of agreeing on the exact definition of disaster.

  • People pay their own

    The people on the coasts pay for many of the tornados and earthquakes elsewhere in the country and the people in the center pay for some of the hurricanes - how does this make sense? People should pay for disasters in a regional way, not through the federal government like now.

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