• He outplayed, outwitted, and outlasted.

    He really just played the game the best. He got 5 necklaces, and he took a goat and a total jerk to the end, so it was pretty much obvious seeing the final 3 that he would, or at least should, win. He also had a good sense of responsibility regarding the letters (Everyone got mad at him for not taking his), but during his speech, he publicly admitted that what he did was wrong and that he accepts all responsibility for his actions. He was, in general, the best player.

  • He repeatedly won the challenges.

    Mike, through his own efforts, repeatedly won the challenges and immunity which, not only kept him in the game when his team mates wanted to eliminate him, but gained him a spot in the final 3. He outplayed everyone fairly. He did not whine, but rather accepted his position as an open target and used that as a motivator to move forward in the game.

  • Mike won "Survivor: Worlds Apart" with Brains and Brawn

    Fans of "Survivor: Worlds Apart" might be divided on whether the man should have won, but his actions proved he was the right choice. Able to out smart his competitors and keep in the game longer than anticipated originally by the viewers, the contestant was brilliant. Mike might be the most talked about contestant of the show series so far. He definitely made his mark using his brain and brawn.

  • Mike is a true winner.

    Everyone has their favorite when it comes to Survivor, but this season on Survivor:Worlds Apart, Mike played the game very well. He did what he needed to do, he won when he needed to win, and overall deserved to take home the winning prize for his efforts during this competition.

  • When you look at how the reality TV show Survivor is set up, it comes as no surprise Mike did not win the World's Apart competition.

    Mike had no cause to deserve the coveted "Survivor: World's Apart" award. Mike did not show himself to be up to the rest of the field, as set up by the show's rules, to win such an award. While Mike is amiable and charismatic he is not the true worthy winner, and the decision to not award him is valid.

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