• Sure, but it will never happen.

    Mike Huckabee is about as in touch with reality as your average Tea Party Republican, so I don't expect such a change of heart to happen any time in the foreseeable future. Which is a shame, because with government funded birth control, it might actually cut down on those welfare recipients that the GOP hates.

  • Act Should Include Birth-Control

    I believe it is important for the Affordable Health Care Act to provide birth control for those who request it. It is a drug used by responsible people who understand the problems of unplanned pregnancies. It is often also used to help women with medical problems not directly associated with pregnancies or trying to prevent them. For these reasons, I think Mike Huckabee and essentially all politicians should support the inclusion of these drugs in government-funded health care.

  • No, Mike Huckabee should not support government-funded control.

    As an ordained Southern Baptist minister Mike Huckabee has religious objections to the use of birth control and is entitled to his religious views. He should stand for his religious objections and the results of them. His lack of support for government funded birth control has cost in the polls and made him a non-viable to be a presidential candidate.

  • His fans do not agree.

    No, Mike Huckabee should not support government-funded birth control, because that will alienate him from a large share of his fan base. Huckabee's audience is conservative. Most of them do not agree with public health care, let alone public health care that covers something as controversial as birth control. He should stay quiet on the issue.

  • Mike Huckabee Supports.......?

    Mike Huckabee is free to support any cause he deems fit. His opinion is solely his to change at will. It is only when someone who's opinion turns to action that concerns everyone else. If Mike Huckabee supports government-funded birth control, and the death penalty, I would applaud him for at least being consistently remorseless. Taking that support and turning it into action, such as forcing government funded birth control is when it becomes problematic. The question then is, should tax payers be forced to pay for a woman's abortion or birth control pills? I would say yes, unless that same person is willing to adopt any children then unintentionally had that would have otherwise been prevented by birth control.

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