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  • No, it's time for him to hang up his gloves for good.

    Mike Tyson should not be signing up for any more matches. He had a long career, his share of fame, and now he needs to retire gracefully. Mike Tyson is about in his late forties anyway so he needs to consider his age before he tries to go back into the same training mode he used when he was twenty five.

  • No He Shouldn't

    I do not believe Mike Tyson should still box. Mike Tyson was more trouble than he was worth, in my opinion. Yes, he was an interesting boxer and he was good at the sport, but his time has passed. I think the boxing arena has some great boxers and they should be allowed to fight with their peers, not older boxers like Tyson.

  • He is past his prime.

    No, Mike Tyson should not box, because he has not been successful in a long time. He should retire and make his living by selling merchandise. He is trying to hard to hang on to something that is fleeting. Tyson needs to realize that it is over and move on with his life.

  • No. His age is starting to get up there.

    He is getting older and older. The older a person starts to get, the more energy it takes for the person to react to situations quickly. You need to have a very fast reaction time in order to box and you also need the heart to do it. He has stated how he doesn't feel like it was worth it to box, as he was quoted to say that he feels like his life had been a waste up until he left the ring.

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