• Miley's image and physical well being!

    I am worried if your heart condition gets worst. I care for you as a person and I want you to know, that you should be resting right now - instead of partying. Try a spiritual search in your life. I fear that you will lose your sense of consciousness and emotional responsiveness. With love KZT <3

    Posted by: khad
  • Uh... Yeah... She must....

    She should absolutely stop! For children's sake! I rest my case. Is she trying to break away from her clean-cut, wholesome image by using twerking as a gimmick? Don't make me laugh, Miley. Please stop your antics, or you'll be like Justin Bieber, who is becoming really uncontrollable these days.

  • Miley Stop Twerking

    For the sake of the public, twerking is becoming overly exposed. Its seductive and it is very tempting. It is going to make men who are faithful in their relationships out of control. Only twerk with your fiancee. Dont do it half naked in public. It's going to ruin the album.

  • No she should not

    She is the way she is and if she wants to have fun doing it she can. Its not hurting any one its just a from of dance do we band winding no i no theres some people who said yes who are twerking to.
    Let her be and be yourself thats what she's doing

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