Should military aid be a bigger priority than development assistance in the Sahel region of Africa?

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  • Development should outweigh military aid

    Most military conflicts are a result of one group being short on some kind of basic need that another nearby group has. When all groups have their basic needs met, they have a common interest of maintaining stability. While military aid is essential in an acute sense, development assistance is really the only answer to the chronic problems of the region.

  • No, military aid should not be more important than development assistance.

    No, military aid is almost never more important than development assistance, even in the Sahel region of Africa. The money that goes into bullets, bombs and missiles only destroys people and infrastructure, and the cost of putting things back together is even higher. Putting money into development often eases the tensions that military aid only worsens.

  • Civilian aid should be top priority.

    Supporting the poor and those that cannot help themselves should be the priority of any developed nation. Military strength, regardless of how fell it can fight, does a country little good if the government cannot afford to provide its people with basic needs for survival like food, clean water and shelter.

  • No, development assistance in the Sahel region of Africa is important.

    Developmental assistance is more important to the Sahel region of Africa than military assistance. Poverty and squalid living conditions, two problems military aid do not fix, lead to crime and corruption. So, the best way to remove corruption and provide safe living conditions is to eradicate poverty through public aid and education.

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