Should Military be disband worldwide and the money put into scientific research.

Asked by: MarsUltor
  • It could happen but it won't.

    If it could be done, it would've been done, but it wasn't, therefore it won't be done. I'm all in for disbanding military and taking that money but scientific research only? What happened to sharing the wealth? It should be used to assist the poor and less fortunate. It should be used to provide education. It should be used to advance global wealth and well-being. It should be used to make a brighter future for everyone and anyone. Sounds kind of greedy to funnel that into research when other's really need it more.

  • I think most read the question wrong

    Most everyone saying no say seas it is a good idea but willn'h happen, obviously its not going to happen. The question is should it happen not will it happen. I feel it should happen but like everyone saying no it probably will never happen, no military would be grate, less death.

  • No... Not in a divided world.

    It has been attempted to disband the military worldwide (disarmament), by the League of Nations after WW1 but it was a total failure as no one had the confidence to do so.

    Right now the world is divided politically, racially and religiously. Some parts may be cooperating in peace but some are hostile towards another. Its important for national defence. If a disarmament is to take place again, no one will ever do it. If weak countries remove their military, they cannot guarantee their stronger neighbour to do the same. Even if countries agree to do so, extremist barbaric groups won't let go of their guns. The first country to disarm will be vulnerable, both internally (coups, civil war, terrorism) and externally (foreign invasion).

  • This will never happen

    Sounds great, but impossible. Without protection, you have vulnerability and instability. Evil will always exist and try to take advantage of said vulnerabilities. The only way for there to be no military is if there is World Peace. However, I believe there can never be World Peace, therefore, military is a necessity.

  • Too dangerous at this times

    Well although it sounds nice, it can't actually happen. Militaries have other roles other than shooting at other rival countries. They provide order whenever there is chaos in the society. An example is holding off a protest and prevent it from becoming a more unruly.
    Another reason is that other people uses violence in order to gain whatever they want. Take note of the terrorists around the world. If militaries are disbanded these guys would take over the nations.

  • It Can't Happen

    A huge problem with today's world, it seems to me, is that people fail to understand what can and cannot be done. Military is a necessity in today's world, as threats still exist and will (unfortunately) always exist. While, once again, this would be fantastic, there is no way this could actually work, given that we have been trying since after World War One to get rid of military and establish permanent peace.

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