Should military personnel receive extra benefits?

  • Military Personnel should Benefit

    Military personnel often experience hard and dangerous conditions in carrying out their oath to serve and protect their country. They undergo hardship and deprivation, and they should be compensated for that. Military personnel should receive some extra benefits as compensation, especially if they served in a combat situation or during wartime.

  • Benefits depend on service

    Defending ones country and ones fellow citizens is an incredibly admirable thing to do, but there are certainly different levels of service. The military already provides incredible benefits to all veterans, regardless of position served. Benefit increases should, however, be given to those suffering from the ill effects of war, or serious injury.

  • Life at it's finest

    They serve our country. That's enough said. If they didn't then we wouldn't be where we are today. So we should cherish them and thank them for everything they have done. We can't do it with money but support and benefits for when they get back out of the army would work. They need money when they come back from the army also, so they should get paid more and don't have to find a job right away when they get back to there homes.

  • Disclaimer: I am in the US Army

    It depends on what we mean by "extra benefits."

    I ARGUE FOR SUCH BENEFITS IF "EXTRA BENEFITS" REFERS TO THE CURRENT SCHEME of active-duty benefits (housing allowance, food allowance, combat pay, Tricare medical benefits, etc.) and retiree benefits (Tricare, a comfortable pension, medical care for service-connected maladies).

    I ARGUE AGAINST SUCH BENEFITS IF "EXTRA BENEFITS" MEANS SOMETHING ABOVE AND BEYOND our current benefit scheme for military members and retirees. The current scheme is already more than generous.

    As a Soldier, I am amply compensated. I signed up to do a job, and I knew what it would entail. I receive a living-wage salary and allowances to cover expenses directly (and sometimes indirectly) related to my service. I also am showered with respect and adoration from my countrymen to a degree that other service professions are not (teacher, doctor, lawyer, social service workers, road maintenance workers, police officers). I am more than compensated.

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