Should military recruiters be allowed in schools?

  • Yes Military recruiters should be allowed in schools

    More than likely, if you are in a US high school and join the military, you are just sent to basic training and likely are sent to a base in the US or somewhere in a friendly nation. You likely will not be going off to kill people (though you may get unlucky). It is still a legit career choice and other employers are allowed to recruit, even political parties are allowed to recruit in schools. What is needed is a better education to make sure students understand what will occur from your actions.

  • The military can be positive

    While the military is, by definition, associated with war, the vast majority of soldiers in the army won't see combat. Instead, the military can provide structure for those with problems with self discipline, job skills, for those who don't plan on college, and direction for the listless. The army provides a good paycheck and benefits to those who might not have other similar opportunities, and can be a positive force in many young adults' lives.

  • Yes, I believe military recruiters should be allowed in schools.

    Yes, I believe military recruiters should be allowed in schools. They inform students about opportunities that joining the military can give. Some students have no direction at all after high school and the military is the best place for them to go to recieve the training that they need, and get their college paid for after their service is finished.

  • They don't have no life experience

    They don't have the mind to be in the field. All they care about is love and not the war they think it's stupid and their minds are being wasted for no reason . So I believe that student from Hugh school should not recruit them cause what is the point you guys r using dumbs mind

  • Military is a choice

    When I was in HS, recruiters where in our classes every week.
    I feel strongly that this was an intrusion on our education.
    While in college, I was told that I had to join. I did. I could not wait for that part of my life to be pas' a. I did not get any money for college.

  • Corrupting the youth of war is propaganda.

    Why should one kill another? Is it due to beliefs? Beliefs change always. But why kill another? This is firmly propaganda, and this corrupts children. I have nothing against war games (They teach kids about morality and values), but the military SHOULD NOT be involved with the youth. If all, we should just cut funding to the military as it is wrong for one to kill another.

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