Should military spending be cut? Should the Pentagon budget be reviewed and subject to cutbacks?

  • Military spending should be cut in specific areas, as it's percentage of the total budget it excessive.

    Over 40% of the government's total yearly budget goes to military spending. Compare this to the rates of spending in other first world countries. For instance, the UK is 8% and France is 5%. Our total military budget exceeds the combined total of our 10 closest competitors in military spending. While defense is certainly important, the spending has become excessive and needs to be carefully reigned back.

    Posted by: jaanekyon
  • We are not in danger of invasion.

    No country in its right mind would seriously consider invading America, even if we have half the military we did now. Why? Nuclear weapons. The extreme tensions of the Cold War may have loosened, but the threat of a nuclear war keeps everyone from conventional warfare. If China (purely for example) attempted to send their military into the U.S, they risk us responding with a nuclear strike on their home soil. EVERYONE is terrified of these weapons that too many counties have, and the only reason ISIS and other terrorist groups are a danger is because they're a not a country, so nuking them is not a viable counterattack.
    The modern world of warfare is now economic and technological. And economically, we're falling far behind. Remember how we won the Cold War? It wasn't our massive military, tanks and aircraft carriers. We won because Russia collapse in on itself because it couldn't support its massive spending, and now we're in danger of that too.

  • Congress is neglecting our youth, our future.

    We are spending too much on defense. We already have the best and most advanced military technology, but we almost completely neglect education. I know that education and public funding for schools are managed by the state government, but there is so much that the federal government could do for public schools.

  • Defense Spending

    We need to pull our troops out of countries that no longer need our services. Congress is the ones forcing us to spend the extra dollars in support of their friends who want and need a large Military budget. Why are we spending money on Russia defense missiles? Enough is enough.

  • The government is spending more money on military than the health and education of its people in the U.S.

    We have almost 50% of the military in the world. Why in the world should one country alone have such a huge and expensive military when we are not having another World War? We are even spending more money on military than we are in improving the lives of the U.S. citizens. We have 13 trillions of dollars that we owe and spending so much on our military wont help that problem.

  • Military spending needs to be cut, especially when there are so many civilians suffering, domestically.

    We have an absolutely outrageous budget for the military. It dwarfs the spending of other countries', and there's basically no reason for it. We could easily be subsidizing things, like health care, education, and mass transit initiatives with all the money we could shave off of our defense budget. If we worked more on our international diplomacy, I think we wouldn't need so many troops.

    Posted by: ExoticCurt
  • Yes, military spending should be cut back, by pulling our troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan.

    The military should be pulled from Iraq and Afghanistan. It's time to stop spending money, helping other countries and, instead, help our own out with finances and get the troops home. The best way to pull the economy out of the trouble that it is in is to bring the troops home.

    Posted by: HealthyMose59
  • When there are no wars, the Pentagon budget should not increase, or even remain the same.

    The Pentagon has a self-interest in staying in business. The military provides a lot of jobs and contractor income. If the Pentagon budget is cut back, people lose their jobs and the contracts end. But, for the military, staying in business means war. Without a war, the military is a waste of the taxpayers' money.

    Posted by: SixCristobal
  • Yes, because the United States spends disproportionately more on the military than all other countries.

    First, The U.S. spends more than 6 times the amount that China does, the next highest military spending country, to the tune of 687 billion dollars. Second, this increase of spending does not necessarily make the citizens any safer. Third, the spending does not increase our ability to wage successful wars without great cost. Fourth, the money would be better spent on social programs within the country.

    Posted by: GrotesqueHeriberto89
  • Yes it should

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  • Military budget should not be cut.

    Military needs to be strong, We want to be number 1 in power. We don't want to be the last in world. China has the biggest army. We should at least beat China. Yes we need to pull our troops from Iraq and Afghanistan. We had enough. We did what we can.

  • Freedom isn't free

    We need to cut pork, fraud, waste and illegal immigration. The White House operational budget last year alone was $1.5 bil. With countries like China, Iran and North Korea threatening our security, and an unstable Middle East, we need to increase our defense budget. We don't need an ill-equipped, half depleted military defending our national interests. Proper troop levels, sound equipment and training are not only just, but necessary to maintaining a free state. You cannot allow our national defense to operate on a shoe string budget.

  • Military means safety

    Why would we want to cut the one thing that protects us. The U.S. has already meddled in so many other countries that friendships are definitely dwindling. No one expected to have a WW2 either but we did, and there is a possiblity that we will have a WW3. And think of all the people who have died for our country. How is it fair to take Americans out now when so many have already sacrificed their lives for us.

  • The government has three major roles.

    These are protection of its people, helping its people by promoting commerce and trade, and building things such as roads, bridges, etc. If we quit spending money on the military, it will go to the useless crap that much of it goes to now. We need to cut a little bit from the military, but the debt will be lowered once we cease spending money on the useless bills that Pres. Obama and company are trying to force trough.

    Posted by: jjow
  • Our military is what keeps us free.

    I wish it was that simple as to just cut spending, but what made this country so strong was our military. We have been on the brink of economic collapse many times and most recently the worst since the Great Depression, but one of the reasons no other country tries to over take us is because of our military. To cut that would be to open up the back door and turn our heads and let the enemies walk right in.

  • Who will protect the right the Military has given us?

    We are the free, because of the brave. That saying says it all. Without the Military, we wouldn't have the freedom we do now. Cutting the spending, will slowly decrease the freedom we have. What will happen when we can't fight back? Other countries might invade our country and put our people in danger.

  • We should not cut spending.

    The point of a strong military, is so that other countries don't dare to mess with it. You have Marines talking about how Obama is now funding an $8 million dollar uniform change for women to change their hats to look more 'girly', as fellow Marines say. They say they hardly enough funding for bullets, and yet we are going to waste it on useless uniform change? You guys act like cutting the military wont do harm to it, however it will. If you are heads and shoulders above other countries, then no one will mess with you. You do realize out biggest threat to our LIFE are foreign nations? Why put that in jeopardy to save a few bucks when cutting military spending wont even come close to getting us out of debt since you can't obviously cut it all that much.

  • Effects the others as well

    It should not be cut. We are the world power and help every country that needs us. How can we continue to do that with less troops and equipment. I am a Marine wife and I feel the effects on our paychecks to how my husband feels when he comes home. No military tuition assistance doesn't give our service members a life outside when the get out of the armed forces. Taking away benefits for retired and disability vets is bull crap. They risked there life and for what now to be crapped on and become homeless. Military life is not an easy one and if they do the pay cut it will be almost impossible to even survive.

  • More military is better

    The united states of americas newest tank is a 50 year old design, Russia and China have been investing tons of money and people in new tanks, Russia says they are disbanding there nuclear program, there not, we have so far closed 18 minute man 3 sights. We have a week military at this point.

  • Obama is an IDIOT!!

    With all that is happening in Crimea and the Malaysian Airlines flight, we should be helping search for the airplane and help the EU. We are doing the opposite. The Pentagon is shrinking the army to pre-WWII amounts. This is an outrage! We should be a world superpower, not an nobody in military strength.

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