• Being attacked again

    If we decide to cut the military spending and keep it to a minimal what happens when North Korea actually does what they have been threatening for the years past. We will be hit on the blind side. Other country's will see use at our weakest and no longer find us as the over ridding power in this world. We will be that bully that has been stood up to and is now crying in the corner of the room dyeing.

  • The World is a Dangerous Place

    Humanity will always go to war, it is human nature. We must not be complacent. Eternal vigilance is the only thing that keeps us safe.

    Totalitarian Communist China is consumed with nationalist fervor and expansionist thirst. It is aiming to increase its Naval spending at a rate of three times its rate of GDP growth (its GDP growth is already very high).

    America must NOT become complacent. Yes Government spending needs to be cut, but it needs to be cut in the areas of the health, education and welfare. Yet the very survival of the American Nation depends on the Military, and the world is becoming more dangerous, so Military spending MUST be increased.

    Don't think war will never happen again. Countless times throughout history entire populations have been slain and/or enslaved, because they neglected to spend enough money on their Defence capabilities.

    The world is not staying still. Those people on the No side who think America could stop spending on Defence for thirty years and still be safe are delusional. The world is changing RAPIDLY, and its a DANGEROUS world.

    The ONLY way to be safe is ETERNAL VIGILANCE. We must INCREASE our Defence spending, because war is inevitable and we must be prepared for it when that day comes.

    You know, Neville Chamberlain wanted to cut Defence spending in Britain. "Appease Hitler" he said, "there will be peace in our time" he cried. He was sure of it.

    That was in 1938.

    The world is a dangerous place, and getting more dangerous with every year. Economic turmoil ALWAYS leads to wars. ALWAYS. And the world is in economic turmoil NOW. There can be no doubt that the next major war will be upon us within a few years.

    WE MUST BE PREPARED. Its a life or death matter. I really think those people on the No side are traitors. They would rather waste tax payers money on health, education and welfare rather than fund what is the only really legitimate role of the Government in the first place, i.e. Defence!

    Health, education and welfare spending is Socialism. Its Communism. History shows that Socialism and Communism don't work! We need to stop spending money on health, education and welfare, and INCREASE MILITARY SPENDING.

    It is the only way to ensure that the Great Nation of America continues to exist and stays strong.

  • The military should be increased to help protect us in this fast evolving world.

    The world around us is always changing and other countries aren't going to wait up for us just because we are in a "budget crisis." The us being in a crisis only makes other countries want to advance even faster because they want to surplus and they know that its possible to do if we cut budgets to the military. Also we are in a budget crisis because of all the other dumb things that our government spends money on. For example relief in Haiti. Not needed, we spent millions of dollars in a country that doesn't even matter. Another reason is that Africa relief is pointless we give them food and clean water and what do they do, they go off into the jungle and fight third civil wars with their parents and tribes, we could being using that money to fund the military and be advancing technologically, but no we have to spend all of our money on pointless things in the world.

  • The Best Welfare Program in America

    If allocated properly military spending should be increased because of the social good it does through education, job training, and high pay. Additionally, U.S. organizations get relief when there are large numbers of individuals in the military. This relief comes from the benefits that service men and women receive such as education, healthcare, VA loans, pensions, and tax benefits to companies that hire veterans.

  • America is Weak Without Defense

    If the funds are stopped for battling terrorists, it will not stop the other countries from attacking us. Unfortunately there are many places in the world that want to see America burn. Take North Korea for example. This Communist country has been threatening the United States of America for quite some time now. This is a little country. They are not dumb enough to attack America where we are right now. With all of our weapons and soldiers, it would be suicide. If we were to stop and cut funds, it would only make us weak. People always say the best time to strike your enemy is when they are down. If we are open and unarmed, of course other countries are going to take advantage of that. It does not matter how many times we apologize, there are always going to be those people who want to hurt us. Spending money on the war against terrorism is very important, now and forever.
    There have been countless soldiers who died on the battlefield to help make the beautiful country America free. If the government stops spending money on this project, all of those lives will have gone to waste. The United States of America is known for the freedom of its citizens. Freedom of speech, freedom to wear certain clothes, everything was fought for. You have to fight to get what you want. We live in a world where things do not just come easily to you. In school, we are fighting to be the best student. In work, we are fighting to do the best job. Everywhere around us, we are at war. And it is because of war that we are able to be free and have human rights. I personally cannot think of a better way to spend government money than on protecting America’s freedom.
    People argue that government spending needs to be cut. Many agree that war is a terrible act and this country should not promote it. Yes, it is true that the government spending needs to be cut. However, their funds should be cut in places such as health, education, and welfare. Those three things are extremely important, but the safety of this country should always come first. If we put all of our money towards health, what good is it when countries like North Korea nuke us? If we spend it on education, what good is intelligence if we do not use it to protect ourselves? Spending money towards welfare is just about as pointless as making a sandwich with toothpaste. It certainly is important to help each other out, but again, what good is it if our country is being destroyed in the process? War is not a good thing, do not get me wrong. Although, fighting against terrorism is very necessary. It does not matter what we do in life. Nothing will matter if we are not armed. Countries will come and destroy us any possible chance that theyget
    ---Kylie Beckerle

  • We need better technologies.

    Many other countries are getting better technologies, and if we don't spend more money, then we won't have better technologies. We would even fall back,, and many other countries would be more powerful than us. Every country has a nuclear bomb, and any country that’s against the U.S. could launch a nuclear attack. If we don’t have an anti-nuclear defense mechanism, then we would be vulnerable to attack.

  • Yes, we need to be ready.

    Military spending should be increased because we need to be ready at a moments notice, so if this spending gets lower we will be ill prepared. Then other counties will see that we are not that advanced and they would come and knock us off the top of the pole.

  • We need to prioritize!

    Our economy needs to be better, our education needs reform, we need to bring industry back to the United States, and many more things need to happen. However, all of these improvements are meaningless if all of America is dead because we were invaded/attacked.
    The Roman Empire cut military spending and was invaded by the Germanic tribes shortly afterward. The Song Empire of China put its military funding into the arts and was conquered by the Mongols. The Tang empire, the empire preceding the Song, put a large portion of its revenue into the military and became extremely powerful because it increased relations with the Koreans and Japanese.
    Many people may ask, "Where will the money from the military come from?" The answer is simple, cut spending elsewhere. If everything were to take a ten to fifteen percent cut, excluding military, in revenue, just as most Americans have in this current economic state, America would see a dramatic increase in profit. Yes, this includes the Environmental Protection Agency, which kills jobs anyway; the Internal Revenue Service, which needs reform anyway; Social Security, which should be reformed into an optional government funded retirement fund anyway; and unemployment and welfare, which encourages general laziness anyway. If America does this, the government would be smaller and America would be better protected.
    America also needs to prioritize what the military does. For one, they can stop going over and fighting so that other nations can have democracy and food, and instead, do the job the founding fathers gave the government to protect the people.
    Furthermore, America's military needs to increase efficiency. Every war since Vietnam has lasted far too long. America needs to get to the country, flatten what needs flattening, and leave. Staying too long costs us not just money, but the lives of America's soldiers.
    It is clear that history shows that military is needed, that America has the money, and America needs to adjust the cause and the actions taken. When America does this, the lives of Americans are better protected and the government can do its main job, to maintain the freedom of the residents.

  • Yes

    There should be an increase in the United States military so we don't become slaves to another country, to keep us important and a world power, and to decrease instability in the world. Terrorists take advantage of instability which will only leas to more deaths. In third world countries we are all they have to stay fed and alive. Think of the children. If we cease to be a world power, our trade will fail, we will lose jobs in that business, and our economy will fail. Also, more positions in the military means more jobs will be available.

  • Military spending should be increased!

    In order to maintain our military force, they must be given a budget that they can work with - therefore, they can have the proper machines they need, firearms, ammunition, equipment, vehicles, food, clothing, and medical supplies. And for what they go through to defend our country, they also deserve decent facilities in which to relax, and if necessary, recuperate.

  • Our Military is a Monetary Sinkhole

    The ridiculous portion of our budget that is spent on defense could be much better spent in areas such as social welfare, health, and education (which coincidentally receive a marginal portion of our budget as it is). We spend monumental sums of money preparing for wars that WE later create and ignore the needs of our own country. Do not forget the fact that the United States spends more on defense than the next 15 countries on that list. How is this excusable? What makes it a good idea for us to spend money on defending ourselves from imaginary enemies? We do not need such a massive, sprawling military policing the entire world to be safe. Pouring even 5% of the money we spend on defense into education and healthcare instead would give this country some lasting benefits that would help us achieve a brighter future. We need to invest in tomorrow, not paranoid self-preservation.

  • Military spending is huge as it is, and the country is trillions in debt as it is.

    Military spending should not be increased. America is already spending trillions of dollars that aren't even theirs to begin with on war that has very little meaning. They destroyed a country, and now they have to put it back together. No one asked them to go there, and now they're in a huge mess that the tax payers need to pay for. So no thank you, don't finance it any longer.

    Posted by: 4uncLife
  • Military spending is bankrupting the US.

    We are in a state of endless war and are paying a high price for it. The highest price is in the lives of the men and women who have died or been terribly injured by the war. The second part is the price tag in dollars. The US has an unjustifiably high rate of spending for killing machines. If we were able to put just a fraction of that into 1)diplomacy and international development programs and 2)developing the potential of our citizens through a strong education and medical system, we would have a much stronger country and better standing in the world.

    Posted by: SayNic3
  • Defense

    First of all, why is it called defense if were on the opponents side? We are on the offense. The fact that you people believe that terrorist can take away your freedom should be an indication that too much money is being spent on the military instead of education. The last time we were attacked was on 9/11 and how come a military with a $553 billion budget couldn’t stop a couple of hijackers from attacking one of the most populated cities in the country. That was their moment to prove to us that they are worth our education and they failed. It is true that we are in danger from many countries that appose us but it is because of this, our militarism. Maybe if we invested in brighter minds our next generation can figure new ways of communication between countries that don’t end in a missile being launched. We are the global super power but countries that are deemed lower than us rank higher on intelligence. I know that if we had brighter minds, they would think of all possible negotiations before jumping to war. These men in charge of our country that head to war are proof that our education system has been sucked dry by the military budget.

  • No we should go for world peace

    Rather than millitary activities, we should try for maintaining world peace. Military defense activitiese is just like a sharp knife that cuts of the life of the people's peace in the world. Even if there is no war, people in the world is worry bu hearing only the millitary things that one day or other day it may come into work that can destry the world but its goes all in vain.

  • Military spending should not be increased.

    We can not spend anymore money because we can not aford it!So if we get it other armys will attack us and we will not win the war!If we do spend and spend we will be in dept witch we are by 16 trillion dollars so we should save are money.

  • America already spends about 700 billion a year on military. The biggest military budget in the world!

    Looking at charts from SIPRI.Org we can see that the U.S. Spends more money on military then China, Britain, France, Russia, Japan, Saudia Arabia, Germany, India, Italy, Brazil, South Korea, Australia, Canada, and Turkey combined. This is a total of almost 650 billion U.S. Dollars with all of these countries combined while America spends over 700 billion. This alone proves that there is no threat to American security, if anything other countries should be scared of our already massive military force. This means that there is no impending doom for the U.S. And we need to stop wasting our tax dollars on useless military spending, and start spending it on more long term productivity like public education and creation of new jobs for Americans.

  • Enough money already

    The United States already spends way too much money on the military at 40% of the entire world's total military spending (in 2012). Reagan spent massive amounts of money on the military during the Cold War to stay militarily ahead of CCCP (USSR) and tripled the national debt while he was at it. On the other hand, Clinton, through careful slashing of programs and budgets for unnecessary programs, cut military spending, bringing our national debt to the lowest since WWII, and that cause our economy to boom.

  • To many tax dollars spent on national defense and not enough on education

    We worry to much about creating new weapons and starting new wars. We don't have very many educational people in the world to educate other and to make this world a better place. We need to decrease the amount of tax dollars that are spent on the military and national defense and worry about other things that would make this world a better place

  • The Private Defense Industry Is Robbing Us Blind

    They are overcharging us for their services and getting away with it because of their lobbyists. We could increase the military yet decrease spending, a fact that is ignored in political speech by politicians whose real objective is to line the fat pockets of the defense industry. The defense industry should be brought under the control of the government to put a stop to this.

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