• Yes because it is a necessary evil.

    So, yes, we should cut military spending.

    But we should cut it gradually.

    We should cut it gradually enough that we don't suddenly screw ourselves in areas of the world in which our military spending is performing a critical function.

    And we should cut military spending by re-allocating it, so the overall level of government spending on things like equipment and infrastructure doesn't drop.

    We should cut our military spending because, as much as we want a "strong defense, we certainly don't need to spend $700+ billion a year on our military when the next-biggest spender on the planet spends only ~$140 billion a year.

  • We spend way too much already

    What other country spends the most on their military even though we don't have the most people to defend? We spend over $650 billion on our military. This type of spending is completely unnecessary. Russia's military strength is head to head with the U.S and they only spend $64 billion on their military. Military service in South Korea is compulsory for all male citizens and they only spend $28 billion on their military, and they are still in the top 10 list for strongest military. Best of all, reducing military spending to just $100 billion could help reduce our national debt.

  • A Lot Of Military Waste

    I believe that our military branches waste a lot of money and their funding could easily be cut or reduced without causing direct harm to the personnel. I believe the military needs to learn how to tighten its belt when it comes to spending and what to provide in certain situations. If they could make a lot of cost saving moves across the board, we could be saving a lot of funds.

  • Yes. Let's take care of America first.

    We DEFINITELY need money to protect ourselves and basic defending of our allies. But military spending has definitely overstepped that. We need to worry about the safety and wellness of our own country before others. When our country is perfect, then we can worry about the others. What matters more the safety and well being of our people or Afghanis? We need to mind our own business and take care of ourselves. But yes, we NEED to have a strong military and good protection. But is that all our military is worried about anymore?

  • Absurd debt ceiling ... 13 trillion dollars in debt and our government is still playing the denial card.

    Before we get started i in no way feel that we should undermine the security of the US.

    However the amount of money we are spending on this crap excuse war against terrorism in a single year equals more than every other country combined. Do we really need the best most lavishly expensive rockets if we are just going to nuke the crap out of all of that hard work and technology? Let alone what the country is going to look like if we default on our debt. Cough couch "detroit".

  • Yes, but not suddenly

    We clearly spend too much on our military, and for all we spend, we are not out of reach of other nations, who seem to be able to develop the same technologies with less money and time spent. However, deep cuts would be catastrophic and complete counter-productive to what we have done in the past few years. We certainly should never have gotten into those foolish wars, and spending must return to pre 9/11 levels. There is much waste to be cut, and I would prefer a much smaller, but very capable military than the one we have now. How about allocating some of that to cyber defense? It would continue to become a more important tool during wartime and should not be neglected. So yes, it should be greatly reduced, and the current structure should be changed, but we must do so gradually.

  • Military spending is growing

    Military spending must be reduced because the fiscal deficit is too important so one of the action that the government should do is reduce this budget. Military spending must be principally focused in new technologies research and dissuasive actions. On the one hand the US economy is growing too slowly on the other hand the international financial environment is quite negative. For example in Europe the question about the end of the Euro as unique money is being discussed by the experts. In case of the Euro disappears the international financial market could run to the chaos. At first sigh the US couldn't be concerned, nevertheless the US is acting in a global economy as a result the economic international context should be an important consideration that maker-decision should take in mind.

  • Exactly yes yes.

    Military spending should be reduced. But there should be some premise that all countries reduce military fee. World is overpaying military fee too much. It is not only waste but non-humanity. If that money changes to other space such as welfare-system, we must have lived well. We can improve our welfare system from that.

  • It should be at least halved.

    Absolutely. If we cut spending in half, we would have at least 300 billion dollars in ONE YEAR to spend on anything we wanted, and we'd still be outspending the militaries of the rest of the world. We're spending more money on the military than most of the other top spenders combined. We are spending vastly more on developing our capability to kill more people than we are on educating our own kids, exploring the universe, finding sustainable forms of energy production, combined. And we're doing it all by allowing governments to use us as collateral to private banks while the economy spirals out of control. It's completely absurd.

  • Yes but not immediately

    The amount we spend on military is insane at the moment. We could be spending much more on other essential areas of the economy. We spent only 31. 1 billion on science in 2018 and we spent nearly 20x that amount in 2018 on military, When we would still be the strongest in the world with half of that amount.

  • No not until everything else is first.

    It is the primary duty of the United States Congress to allocate money for the defense of the United States of America. "Establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense" These are the first words in the Constitution of the United States of America in the preamble. Defense in addition to law enforcement and border security are the Federal Governments greatest priorities.

  • Keep ahead of everyone

    Military research drives alot of future products. The internet, mobile phones, tablets, cameras, microwave ovens, the list is endless. The innovation drives future markets and we are more secure with advanced technology we control.
    It is a race we cant afford to lose. To fall behind would be devastating and give our opponents the upper hand.

  • No military cuts in the U.S.

    No way should they be cut! These men and women fight for us everyday! They protect our families, friends, schools, jobs, homes, country, and everything else we hold sooooo dear. Why should money be cut away from those who protect us? We need them, literally! They are our guardian angels. Looking over us in ways we don't appreciate, but should

    Posted by: fru
  • Those who say yes obviously don't understand how defense spending works

    Our military spending may seem ridiculously huge now, But be careful of misrepresentation of information: something politicians (democrats and republicans) are very good at doing. They don't tell lies, They just simply tell you only the part they want you to know about and nothing else. Military spending should not be measured in raw numbers, That is about as inaccurate as you can get.

    Reason one: consider looking at what PERCENTAGE of each nation's total amount spent is going to defense. The numbers are not so different between China, Russia and the USA once you do that. In fact, The percentage of our total amount spent has gone down considerably since the cold war. The raw numbers are higher yes, But the percentage of money spent is lower. The united states spends BY FAR more money total annually than anyone else.

    Reason two: Need for military power is not mandated by the population of your country, It is mandated by the amount of land/sea/airspace that you are defending/protecting. The USA covers vastly more area in support of allies around the globe than any other country currently.

    Reason three: Not all of the money going to defense spending goes to the military. A whole lot of the defense budget goes to veterans benefits. Are you going to take that away from them? It also covers Intelligence like the CIA.

    Reason four: Have you ever heard of Purchasing Power Parity? Also known as PPP for short, You should look it up. It's a fact, And basically what it means is that various countries do not pay the same amount for same or similar goods. There are a variety of factors at play for that, Including the country's currency combined with the nation's total income, Total amount spent, And that nation's economy. The USA has a rather high PPP, Meaning we pay more for the same technology than many other countries.

    In conclusion, Halving our defense budget would put us not on par with China or Russia as some mistakenly believe, But behind. Dangerously so, As China's government in particular is not at all trustworthy. To measure and compare national defense spending between nations with dollar amounts alone is misleading, Inaccurate, And dangerous. All part of several politician's campaigns to reduce defense spending, And they very well know all of this. They don't tell lies, They just don't really tell the truth.

  • Better than everybody = good

    Military research drives a lot of future products. The Internet, Mobile phones, Tablets, Cameras, Microwave ovens, They are countless. This innovation drives future markets and we are more secure with advanced technology we control.
    It is a race we can't afford to lose. To fall behind would be devastating and give our opponents the upper hand.

  • Do not reduce military spending.

    Why should we reduce military spending if the military is our main defense? That's almost the same as limiting the size of the military. Maybe we should reduce the money that is going towards organizations such as Planned Parenthood instead of reducing money that is going towards an organization that is the reason the U.S.A. is so powerful. Once the government starts to cut spending on the military, what will happen next? Is there a maximum point at which the government will stop cutting spending, or does it aim at eliminating military spending completely? Reducing military spending is only a temporary solution, not a permanent one, and I doubt the soldiers who sacrifice themselves for our safety will appreciate it.

  • The problem is government waste!

    We need our military support. At all times and for any kind of crisis, the funds need to be available to secure our country and get our troops the things they need, and to the places they need to be. The military is the wrong department to be cutting costs from. You can't put a price on someone's life so the costs to protect this country, our people and the troops and need to be infinitive.

    What our country doesn't need is a government that's wasting millions and millions of dollar each year on ridiculous things. This is 100% where the cuts needs to be and reduce this spending and not our military. Our country has to be protect and so do the lives of our military troops, so don't cut costs.

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