Should military standards be the same for men and women?

Asked by: Fanny
  • Military standards for the same job should be the same for men and women

    Military standards for the same job should be the same for men and women as they will be expected to perform the same duties and should be held to the same or near the same standards. There should be a reasonable level of fitness and ability expected to be equally achieved and maintained by both sexes.

  • Yes, giving them special treatment is ludicrous

    A military's purpose after all is to defend the nation in times of war, or to fight in overseas conflicts if the need arises. A brutal institution such as this should not be subject to political correctness or social engineering. It is a vitally important mechanism and is the final indicator of a nation's strength. For this reason, the criteria for enlistment should not be compromised just to make a bunch of Feminazis feel better about themselves. The military needs men; women need to help the domestic war effort. After all, the nurses, midwives, mothers etc are just as important to the outcome of the war as servicemen are.

  • Same pay Same standards

    The Armed forces is not a daycare centre,it exists to provide a professional military that can be ready to deploy to any hotspot on the globe.
    This is a dangerous job and the risk of death in some theatres can be very real,so if one person is not at the same level as the rest of the squad it can spell disaster,remember a chain is only as strong as the weakest link.

  • I believe in "equality!"

    Aren't women fighting for equality and same treatment? Then why there shouldn't be the same standards for both genders, it's about equality, not special treatment for one and a different for the other. Feminists always cry oppression when it suits them, this is the right way to show the world what they are made of!

  • Because they shouldn't

    I mean like they shouldn't because like there women and stuff like that like not all are going to fight, right? But like given them a break like really stop hating but haters gonna hate like yeah so my mother fn point is no they shouldn't because there woman and stupid crap like that

  • To a certain extent

    Mentally yes but physically no. Men as a general rule are stronger than women. It's a fact. They were made to be the protectors and women were made to take care of the kids. Now that times have changed people aren't forced into gender roles which is great. I know some women will be stronger than some men but in general men are stronger than women. That's why we have sports teams for each gender in high school.

  • No and why should they

    The reason why I say this is because women are women they don't have the same physical features as men witch makes it unfair. I agree mental she should i think that women are smarter in general just with choices by men.This will be the best I think for the military to have a strong force.

  • I'm surprised its 50/50!

    I understand it seems unfair that women seem to have it easier than men in the military but truthfully the are just not build for great strength they want to help there country fight but at the same time most of them cannot lift a 150lb. Weight and carry it 30yards to quickly.
    We want to help and we can help. Just not in the same way as men

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