• Yes, I think military tribunals should be banned.

    i don't think any good comes of the military being able to make legal decisions and have a code of justice, I think the justice system in the US is one of the strongest in the world and I think that it works much better then a military tribunal ever could.

  • Yes They Should

    I believe military tribunals should be banned. The idea behind a military tribunal is to have members of the military try and charge opponents/enemies themselves. I do not believe the military has any business trying anyone in court, rather it be enemies or their own service members. They've fully displayed their inability to this correctly. All trials in the US should go through civil/criminal courts for everyone else in the country.

  • No why make the families suffer

    No way they have given up everything for us to have our freedoms if anything we should hold a parade for these men and women that have died at war for our freedoms they gave their life for. We should even let the families of these people know how much they mean to us. We should have a full day for just the family members so that we can honor the families.

  • Some cases would never be heard

    Civilian courts are unfortunately susceptible to political pressures, and sometimes the burden of proof or levels of substantiation needed to prove or even try a case in civilian courts can not be met when dealing with battlefield issues. In the cases of terrorists, unbiased jury pools can also prove impossible. Military tribunals are far from perfect, but should not be banned if there is to be justice in some cases

  • No, military tribunals should not be banned.

    I do not believe that military tribunals should be banned. I think that they are a good way to handle some situation in a military system where some cases belong. I also think that they have worked well so far. I think that main critics of the system are those with a political agenda.

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