• Dairy isn't meant for human consumption.

    It's so fucking ridiculous how dairy is in a lot of foods. Who ever thought of taking milk from a cow, BREASTMILK from a cow so they can drink it?! Wtf? Milk is not good for you. It will give you diseases and anyone who thinks it benefits you in any way is bullshitting you, humans do not need another species baby milk. That's like saying baby cows need human breastmilk in order to survive. Ridiculous. YES dairy should be banned from schools because nobody needs it in the first place. Want calcium? Drink almond milk and take supplements. People literally kill baby cows just so HUMANS can drink the mother's milk, I sure as hell wouldn't like to hear about any children being involved in any of this. BAN cow milk from schools, and replace it with almond milk/coconut milk.

  • This is a smart idea.

    Stop promoting something unhealthy. Schools like to make students think that meat will make them grow tall and that milk will help the same thing happen. Meat really is acidic for the body, but the body tries to neutralize by making the bones produce more blood. Most calcium from the milk gets expelled through doing the number 1. That's why many people have osteoporosis when they're older. If they really thought that milk is suppose to give them calcium, and they consume it every day, and they still get osteoporosis, why can't they conclude that the body rejects most of the calcium?

  • Not necessarily banned, but milk is over-promoted.

    Your average school cafeteria kitchen is bombarded with propaganda from the dairy industry. Many now believe that milk is the ONLY source of calcium.

    Some parents now make their lactose-intolerant kids drink it, since they believe that the diarrhea and constipation is worth the calcium, even though there are other sources of calcium. Almonds, almond milk, spinach, fish, etc.

    Milk is high in fat. It will make you grow...Horizontally!

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  • Milk is good for you

    We need milk it helps us grow strong bones and not horizontally
    but strait. Milk gives us energy to get through the day and milk is extremely good for us. Some people say It is high in fat and yes sometimes it is but that doesn't mean they have to ban It from
    school they can just serve low fat milk

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