Should millenial women throw their support to Hillary just because she would be the first female POTUS?

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  • Support Hillary if she represents your ideals

    It is unfortunate that in order for women to be heard we feel we must have a woman as POTUS. It would be so much better if women voted for the person who most represents the kind of government they want. Being female doesn't mean that POTUS automatically changes how everything is done or how well a president's ideas will be accepted by congress.

  • No One Should be Elected Based on What's Between Their Legs

    If you ask me, it would be a true shame if our first female president was a corrupt liar whose blatantly stupidity killed four Americans in Benghazi.

    As if it were bad enough that she got them killed in the first place, but now she doesn't even answer for it. Anyone responsible for this should not be president, no matter what gender they are.

    If we want a good female president, we should elect Carly Fiorina.

  • Not a good reason

    While voting itself is important, and it is especially important for the younger generation to get involved in voting early, no one should vote for a candidate based solely on gender, race or any other demographic. A man can also put forth policies that help women, and for a job as important as president women should only vote for her is they consider her qualified.

  • Not Just Because she is a woman..

    I think that millenial women should support Hillary Clinton because they think her agendas, her campaign and her objectives are in line with what the US needs at this time as, and they think she will be effective in the White House. Not just because she would be the first female POTUS but because the issues of American women need addressing, as many of them are responsible for raising families that will be the future population of the United States. The most effective presidential candidate needs to be someone who is aware that raising families is part of raising a nation and Nation Building requires some maternal as well as paternal abilities. Whoever the next POTUS is they need to have a balance of skills and I think actually that the most effective leadership for any o would be a Male and Female representative just like a family, this would theoretically create more of a balance and a more wholesome foundation. Our society is made up of families, communities and this makes up the country so the nation needs to be built upon the same values as you would build a happy, stable home. This is my opinion, but I think its worth considering and even possibly implementing a trial run.

  • No They shouldn't

    That's a terrible reason to vote for someone. You should vote for someone you think would do the best job and the best for the country. It shouldn't matter what race or gender the person is. A woman shouldn't vote for Hillary just because she's a woman. That's a very bad idea.

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