• It should not be banned :)

    It should not be banned :) Minecraft should not be banned because it is a fun and educational because it expands the creativity of kids minds and it even helped me count by four's. Minecraft should not be banned because it is a well made game and really any age could play it because there is no shooting, no blood, no violence.

  • It encourages bullying swearing and violence

    It is unhealthy as it is designed to be addictive for young children. It is a sickness to be addicted and if a child is given freedom to play there is much more harm than good. It causes permanent psychological damage to many young children as they get addicted to you tube videos, the game has no beginning and no end. It holds an awesome power over young minds and should not be allowed as it is a form of mind control, brainwashing and dumbing down. Weak parents and teachers have tried to find the benefits to justify their kids addiction but the damage BY FAR outweighs ANY educational benefits!

  • It has sowrds and crossbows

    It shows when things die but fortnite a thing just comes down from the sky and makes you go away. When kids play Minecraft they think that they can go into the woods and tame a wolf( not true) and they could get injured. That is why Minecraft should be banned.

  • The worst game ever

    This is the worst game ever it should not exist it is for losers and nerds who don't have a life. If you have a life or even a brain the size of a pebble you would know that everybody needs to play fortnite, and minecraft is soooo dead like who even plays it at all anymore?

  • What I really don't like about how Minecraft works out.

    I'm sorry to say that minecraft should be banned. I know that the players can put creative things into a world of theirs but now it decreasing lots and lots of game like Monkeyquest, petpetpark, and all the games that used to be popular. It ruins their company that the old player who once used to play that game, is ruined and bankrupted. Congratulations, you just made my sister cries for 2 hours for removing her favorite game, Monkeyquest.

    I do not mean to be rude, but your trying to make lots of kids that used to play a game BEFORE Minecraft got invented.

  • Sadsacraft gave me cancer

    Minecraft is stupid Minecraft is stupid because it is fantasy fiction. I can't imagine a kid carrying a pick ax these days. Do you really think the world is all square. Nonsense! Minecraft is dumb and stupid. Mojang, the creator of Minecraft just wants to make money and don't educate others about the real world.

  • Mojang should never be made

    This company never makes good games, it has too much logic in this game like you get diamond in a ball or food is more important than water,This game should be banned because people who uploads videos about them has been doing a lot of Rubbish things in this game.

  • It sucks hairy donkey balls

    Minecraft is the worst game to ever exist. There is no point! Even people like leafy is here agree! The game sucks to bad it should be burned with fire and crushed into fine powder before having that powder incinerated!!! Ban Minecraft from planet earth so no one will ever have to suffer through the this pathetic block game ever again!

  • Game is a Poisonous Cancer

    This game is a toxic drug, it must be banned immediately. People's lives are destroyed by this game. It is filled with nicotine (sandbox) and is taking over people's minds. People should form relationships with others in person, exercise, and broaden their interests. They cannot do this by becoming addicted to a computer game universe with its assorted videos. The effects of this game are just like other drugs. They last forever. This game does not make people smarter; it hinders them from fulfilling their potential. I urge everyone to vote yes and promote awareness that this game must be banned and all videos of people playing it should be destroyed!!

  • Its not good for small children

    Promotes bullying and violence, threats and cussing, and their is little to no math. Counting 5-30 blocks isn't doing anything. Sure you can count more and stuff but counting isnt that hard. Go to school and get an education rather than counting little squares. The game in general is not good for small children and they should keep a tight watch on it, considering six year olds play this game.

  • Creative Mode, Peaceful Mode

    There is a Peaceful Mode for a reason, And Creative as well. On Peaceful difficulty, You don't need food, There are no mobs out to harm you, (unless you summon a Wither, Enter the END, Hit an Iron Golem, Hit a Wolf, Etc. ) In creative mode nothing can hurt you. No reason to harm mobs, You can fly, Etc. And Minecraft actually has great graphics, Just look, You can see blocks far away, AND YOUR HEAD WILL GO TO A DIAGONAL.

  • There no reason to ban the Game

    The game has no blood, No shooting and the only violence can occur when fighting mobs and multiplayer. There is a peaceful mode in the game and u can play in single player. The game is actually educational u can learn chemistry the elements even compounds. I ser no reason to ban the game.

  • Minecraft is only a game

    Although it is true I believe minecraft has gone down the crapper, the fact remains, minecraft is a platform for anyone To create anything. Minecraft has very little complexity, and it's something that's always bothered me, instead of adding New swords or mechanics they added flowers something makes a aesthetically challenged game slightly less aesthetically challenged which has nothing to do with the actual gameplay. Modders can do in 24 hours what it took the developers of minecraft 4 years to do, and better. Minecraft should not be banned because of its diverse playstyle, how it can be used as a teaching tool. Also minecraft was relatively recently sold to Microsoft for 2 billion dollors, it's not going anywhere.

  • I love minecraft

    So latly i have been into the MINECRAFT porn and im lovin it..... I dont know why people are hating on it its just so coolIt sucks hairy donkey balls Minecraft is the worst game to ever exist. There is no point! Even people like leafy is here agree! The game sucks to bad it should be burned with fire and crushed into fine powder before having that powder incinerated!!! Ban Minecraft from planet earth so no one will ever have to suffer through the this pathetic block game ever again

  • It's frickin awesome

    1. It allows kids to create whatever they want
    2. It allows kids to explore in an endless world
    3. It's for all ages
    4. Reenacting isn't that bad when it's just building
    5. There is no violence unless it's multiplayer, which has tons of commands for sfx.
    6. It inspires people to form Minecraft into something better

  • This should not be banned

    I do not see no bad stuff in this game and it is rated E it help you learn and people are are ... And like one persone said and i agree t is an easy way to show your imagination and create anything from castles to towers, and even giant art pictures made of blocks.
    Banning this incredible game would be out of the question.

  • No no no

    Enough with talking about minecraft and roblox and how one sucks and the other one is better it is killing me just stooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooop
    - - - - - - - - a a - a - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

  • Fun, Creative, Amazing

    Minecraft is the bes game ever. I started when I was only 9 and i dont play it all day bc i have school. My maths teacher says that it uses maths and ppl think it doesnt im like "If you dont like it then just be queit and dont say mean things about it" Just stop it

  • Why would people want to ban mine craft

    Like why man mine craft is the best game ever Invented .The people who want to take away can kill themselves mine craft is like my baby man like dang minecraft is great and I love it mine craft beats any game I've ever played so don't ban mine craft😄😄😄

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