• Minecraft HAS to be played

    Its just FUN. Did ja know that people love to play it? Its like the funnest thing EVER!!!!!!! People actually DIE to play it. People also love to post vids on youtube. Its fun and somewhat educational because its mesauerment. SO YOLO N00B5

    Make sure to play it or else........

  • Minecraft should be played.

    Minecraft should be played because it can help you learn things about yourself and get along with family and friends on the servers. Some people even enjoy watching people play minecraft on YouTube.Com because they either learn how to do something, what to do on it, or just for fun.

  • There isn't a negative outcome from playing.

    There isn't really anything bad that could happen to you. Minecraft is great for the younger kids who are in the climax of childhood. This game lets creativity flow through the floodgates of the child's imagination. Yes it shouldn't be played if it is abused (played way too much), but that is irrelevant in the circumstance.

  • Yes it should be played.

    Yes, it should be played. I think this because, it's an 8-bit game and it brings back memories for adults. The kids can build houses, castles, etc. And they get EVEN MORE creative playing the game! It also gives them a chance to play with their friends on the 'multiplayer' setting even if they can't go over to their friends house. It is totally fun too!!!

  • It bad .

    It is no fun and is corrupting our government . . . . .. . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . It bad . . . . .. .. . . . . . .Realy

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