Should minecraft(minecrap) be added on steam?

Asked by: ii123456
  • Terraria Is For Weak Kids With No Friends

    Look at the graphics of a so-called "game" called Terraria. The only people who play this sad excuse of a game are little kids with no friends in real life. So what to they do? Play a pathetic online game where they try to kill each other. This is the cause of violent kids today. Kids are not being exposed to enough creativity outside, so they attack each other in a game. Kids should instead be exposed to Minecraft, which is a beacon of learning. Kids will learn scientific concepts and develop math skills in Minecraft, which is very educational. We need more educational games like Minecraft, not games for weak kids like Terraria.

  • Minecraft is good.

    When I first heard of minecraft I thought it was going to be a game for people who are just bored and would teach nothing. After my son begging and begging for it, I finally decided I would give him a change with this game. Boy, I was surprised! Minecraft has real world skills such as surviving and knowing items. I didn't know my son knew what obsidian was and a way it could be created until my son told me. Of course, I asked him how he knew and he said minecraft.

  • Minecraft has millions of subscribers/users

    Minecraft to steam then they would get a lot more users that would find other games that they would I for one like minecraft but before this point i have never heard of TF2. I believe that if they were to add like and it would introduce hundreds of people to other games like TF2 portal, Etc. Etc. it would also make steam more money because, let's face it, everyone wants more money.

  • Minecraft is a good game.

    Minecraft is THE BEST Sandbox game. Look at its compeditors, Terraria, and Roblox. Roblox literally STOLE everything from lego, and essentially COPIED Lego Digital Designer. No wonder Lego makes Minecraft sets. Terraria is all about mass murder, and you can't build anything besides pixel art in that silly 2D game. Microsoft bought Minecraft because they needed a better microsoft tablet version, as many minecraft fans used to prefer apple because they couldn't play minecraft as well.

  • It can already be added by users

    Minecraft and other games can already be uploaded to Steam by users. This doesn't mean that it can be bought from Steam, however, it means that Minecraft is opened and ran by steam, allowing the Steam overlay to be opened and for other Steam users to see that you're playing the game.

  • It will not work

    Since steam already have a sandbox crafting and mining games for example Terraria. Minecraft is also unique which makes it a stand alone games and why should there be a new Minecraft downloading website there's already the original website and a torrent downloading website.Maybe steam will make a season pass or a dlc too for some steam texture pack or whatever.

  • It doesn't need to

    There is already a dedicated Minecraft download on the MInecraft page. I don't see any reason for Minecraft to be added on Steam.
    In addition, the download for Minecraft itself is free. However, an account is required, which can only be registered and paid for on the MInecraft website. This could lead to confusion if it was available for download on Steam, but an account would have to be registered elsewhere.

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