• Yeah it should

    Minecraft pe shbe in fact free best it is a world loved game right now ok and yes I think that we should have a good time and of free time to be able be free to celebrate Halloween because it is the best holiday and of course y’all we have to celebrate the freedom and freedom to thrive on the freedom we have

  • Freeware and shareware are the best

    Don't listen to listen to those losers. Their mommy and daddy bought it for them along with everything else they own. Chances are that their "hard work" is them putting their dirty clothes in the hamper, Or loading a dishwasher.

    Any developer can choose to make their product free. There is plenty of free software and free games for you to play. The internet was created by a person who believed in free information. Minecraft might not be free, But there are other games and software you can use.
    Those chumps are the real suckers. They probably will pay full price for Photoshop and end up broke flexing that they have it.

  • I think it should be free

    I think it should be free because it's a world loved game and kids want pe pe it's 6. 99 and some parent don't buy it leaving kids pissed the just want to be a part of the community but they can't and I think they deserve to have a chance to

  • Money allows for progress

    Mojang and Microsoft, Although big, Still need to earn money. If they didn't there would be no way for them to continue expanding Minecraft PE or any other of their games. Although PE is a smaller and less expansive version compared to Java Edition, Making PE free would mean that all versions that are cross-play with PE would need to be free. This includes Windows 10, Playstation, Xbox, Switch, Etc. This would simply not be affordable for Microsoft and Mojang.

  • Wait you need to pay for it wut

    So, I've had that particular app for so long that I don't even remember paying money for it. But yeah I suppose the companies need to make money somehow. As much as I don't like the idea, It's just like five bucks, Right? I think? I don't know. To Google!
    Yeah like 5 bucks.

  • Nobody is entitled to a product for free because they like it or want it

    Minecraft is a game developed by Mojang and contains very few microtransactions. Most players who play the game don't spend another dime on it after the initial purchase. It would be unfair for the developers of the game to develop a product and continually develop it without making a profit off of it themselves.
    Not being able to afford the game yourself or not feeling like spending the money are not valid arguments that justify having developers work on a game without getting the payment they deserve.
    This has nothing to do with Minecraft being popular, Being a masterpiece, Or anything of the sort. It's about workers and developers being paid for their work.

  • No, No, N o

    Minecraft PE, And Minecraft in general is one of the best games in the world, And I'm talkin' globally!

    Listen, If I as a developer don't want to make my game free then I can do that, It's called a free market people. We're not going socialist!

    Minecraft I'd assume would make quite a lot of money not off of it's packs, Or whatever but off of people purchasing the game! If we do that the company loses money lol. . . .

    If your kid is literally crying over a bloody block game then, Sorry ma'am but something might be wrong with your parenting. Or, Just get a job and work for it, Not beg people to make it free.

  • One of the best games should not be free

    Honestly if you can't fork over 7 dollars for one of the best games of all time then I think you need a new job. Not to mention the name minecraft, Not ourcraft you commie. Just give them the money and be done with it yeah okay you should do this

  • Ew, Not for free,

    How do you expect to stimulate the economy? Ew, Not for free, How do you expect to stimulate the economy? Ew, Not for free, How do you expect to stimulate the economy? Ew, Not for free, How do you expect to stimulate the economy? Ew, Not for free, How do you expect to stimulate the economy?

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