Should minimum pricing on alcohol sales be introduced?

  • Minimum pricing on alcohol sales should be introduced.

    There should be a minimum price for alcohol in order to deter people from drinking too much. Taxing tobacco has worked at getting people to quit. Raising the minimum price of alcohol could have a similar effect. This could have large benefits for the health of people who suffer from alcoholism.

  • Why Do That

    I do not see any reason to implement a minimum pricing on alcohol sales. The price of alcohol is set by the market, for the most part, and brings in a decent profit. The market for alcohol is steady and no one really has a problem with it. I don't know why we would waste our time and money to set further controls on the market.

  • Cost controls never work.

    I understand that there is a desire for minimum pricing for alcohol to reduce alcoholism via sales of cheap drinks, but I reject it. No version of prohibition will ever work with regard to alcohol, and the idea that alcoholism is almost exclusively the domain of poor people, which is what this does, is elitist, insulting, and totally incorrect.

  • No takes away from fair market

    I don't see a reason to invoke a minimum pricing on alcohol. We already tax alcohol a lot and that is enough. If a place can afford to sell it for cheaper than another then that is just good business and they should be allowed to. Anything else takes away capitalism.

  • Free Market Principles

    Anyone can sell alcohol for whatever price they want to because it is a free market system. Alcohol is a terrible product already, but it's a fact of life that Americans love their booze. We tried to ban alcohol but failed. Minimum pricing on alcohol is foolish because people can buy and sell booze for whatever prices they see fit during sales.

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