• I strongly beleive so

    Every time minimum wage is raised it makes it harder for the youth and the poor to get jobs. It's a fact. Youth lack skills and with minimum wage, employers don't have time to train new people. Minimum wage also means sometimes small businesses have to fire and create more work for the workers (now having to take over the fired individuals) for just a little boost in pay. Sometimes hours are cut from hard workers. It's not a good situation, but if an employer wants to give a little money to hobo that sleeps outside in the ally, the man has no skills, but the employer wants to give him a little bit of work to clean the toilet or something. Well it may not be worth minimum wage but it gave the hobo some work and money. The reason why women don't feel like they make enough is because many don't negotiate with their employer, women tend to except the low pay, while men tend to negotiate in whatever way they can to get payed more. It's the fault of the worker to except the pay, you can't blame the employer for that, it's up to you to state your worth.

  • It's completely useless

    The minimum wage was placed with good intentions, however it does nothing to benefit society. For example just look at unemployment, while I will concede that studies have shown that overall unemployment virtually unaffected that specific statistic is misleading as best. Mainly because there are different groups that make up the work force, the group most notably affected by the minimum wage and it's many increases is the young teen employees, as studies have proven that teen unemployment has shown consistent increases with every corresponding increase in the minimum wage.

  • Look at Germany! The strongest economy in the world.

    Germany has no minimum wage, But there unemployment is down and their standard of living is up. How is this? Well, It stems from the fact that they have strengthened their labor unions, Meaning that employers are forced to abide by the workers wills and not the other way around.

  • Abolish the minimum wage

    It would not change much at first, People can still hold out for high enough wages to live, But it would level the playing field between businesses that obey the law, And businesses that don't obey the law. Fair competition leads to innovation which leads to a better economy which leads to companies having more money to expand and create more job opportunities which leads to more demand for workers which leads to better wages for the low paid workers

  • It leads to less jobs! It's a disaster, Scrap it now

    Businesses especially in retail and hospitality are now forced to run their labour so low it makes it impossible for people employed in them to do their job. Ultimately leads to less opportunities in these sectors which hardly helps provide jobs. People who work hard and deserve a pay rise are less likely to be rewarded as they deserve because now everyone gets a pay rise whether they deserve it or not. It completely smothers growth. Is it any wonder the high street is dying, Shops big and small closing left right and centre, They can't afford the labour costs forced upon them. Another disastrous decision by government

  • The state should not be allowed to decide the terms of the agreement between two parties

    The contract between the employee and the employer should be handled by those two parties, They can negotiate and If either of them disagree with the terms they are free to decline. I do not support the use of force to dictate what terms the parties have to abide by. It is immoral.

  • Yes, it should be abolished.

    Minimum Wage is a falsehood that unjustly controls the Market. It is wrong because one does not have the right to use force to make a business conform to their values. Many will say, "But People will die!" No, they won't, if you play your cards right and employ them into your workers' syndicate.

  • Let the free market decide

    Why is the Govt. Involved in what a private business pays it's employees? The Govt. Doesn't decide what I pay for products for my business why should the Govt. Determine what I pay them? People know what they are worth, let the natural flow of business take over. Let the free market decide, it decides everything else.

  • Dislike your salary?

    If women or unemployed people or anyone is being payed less, maybe it's because they are accepting lower wages. If your salary is low, no matter who you are, then quit and get another job. Employers that offer more get more workers. Simple. The government doesn't need to get involved.

  • Just find a new job!

    I know it is easier said then done. But if i can find myself a job by myself at 15 then it really cant be THAT hard. If you are unhappy about your pay, it would be a good idea to either talk to the person in charge or simply quit you Job!! Almost all teenagers start off earning minimum wage. Many of them seem to make it above the poverty line just fine. As long as you stay in school and stay out of trouble, you will be just fine.

  • Minimum wage has never kept up with inflation

    In our corrupt corporate owned and governed society, the minimum wage has never kept up with the cost of living. It is assumed that inexperienced teens are the only members of society on minimum wage and all adults are coasting by on wonderful wages that keep them and their families floating above the poverty line. That is just not true. There are countless individuals with a multitude of higher experience and skills stuck in minimum wage jobs because there just aren't enough higher paying ones hiring. It is also pretty well known that it isn't what you know, but who you know.
    There is a great speech on Ted Talks given by a wealthy person acknowledging that, the more his employees are paid, the more money they have to spend, creating a higher demand.
    It is foolish and mindless to think that by abolishing the minimum wage that corporations or small businesses will not take advantage of their workers. The comment from Triggerhappy proves this by admitting he doesn't think hobo's should be paid a fair wage just to clean a toilet. That sort of selfish thinking is why so many hard working families were shot straight into poverty practically overnight.
    Stop repeating the corporate owned media's simplistic narratives and start thinking and doing the math.

  • Minium wage has destroyed american industry leaving us vulnarable in wwiii which will happen soon

    Lets see...99% of electronics & our clothing is not made in USA. When WWIII breaks out....And it will...Mankind has never gone 100 years without a major world war, we won't have any electronics or clothes. Actually 90% of what we will need for WWIII we won't have any factories to make any of it and we will mostly all die. This is the truth, all else is nonsense short sightedness.

  • Keep the minimum wage!

    Victoria was the first to introduce the minimum wage in the world in 1896. The whole point of the minimum wage is so the employee has sufficient money to meet the variety of needs of a person living in a civilized community, and so the employer still has enough money to gain profit, live and develop their business. A minimum wage was then gradually adopted by most other countries and inscribed as an international convention by the International Labour Organisation in 1928. The idea of the minimum wage recognized workers as human beings and equal citizens, rather than taking advantage of them.

  • Not at all.

    Abolishing the minimum wage will set back all progress for fair treatment to workers. If anything, the minimum wage should be increased in certain areas of the country to reflect the cost of living in the area. Abolishing the minimum wage would create many more very low income jobs and would take away wages that regular middle class people earn.

  • There is Australia's Example

    Australia has the highest minimum wage in the world in US dollar terms and has had a high one for over a decade. The unemployment rate however has been below 6% for years and even during the global financial crisis the unemployment rate did not go above 6% and now it is slightly above 6%.

    So the idea that a minimum wage and a high one at that causes mass unemployment is just not the case.

    Youth unemployment has far greater causes than minimum wage laws and there are countries with lower minimum wages that have a higher rate of youth unemployment than Australia has. So the minimum wage should not be abolished.

  • What would we actually be achieving?

    The minimum wage supports and protects workers from being exploited and working for unfair wages, it also gives people a sense of security in the job they are working in. If we get rid of the minimum wage we would only be backtracking on all the work that our country has tried to achieve by making a fair workplace for all.

  • People have the right to a decent wage.

    In my Country, we have a legislation called the fair work act, the minimum wage in Australia is around $16.88, people have the right to a decent wage in order to live a comfortable life, I think that a wage like America's minimum wage is really insulting and people can only live to work... It is almost like slavery, there is really no interest in the development of people.

  • Facts Show the Truth

    There have been several studies done that prove an increase in minimum wage does not lead an increase in unemployment rates. A case study by Integrity Florida showed that there was a 2. 9% increase in job growth in states who raised their minimum wage, Which is. 2% more than those states who did not have an increase in minimum in 2014. Most people do not consider the positive aspects of raising minimum wage. There would be more consumer spending, Higher demand of goods and services, Less employee turnover, And more productive workers.

  • No no no

    Minimum wage should not be abolished because it was cause very high inflation of prices, because if everyone is getting paid more, the prices of other things will rise as well. Minimum wage is a good starting point for everyone, those that try to live off of minimum wage should have tried harder in high school and college.

  • It is Naive

    It's naive to think that companies would pay their employees fairly and well without a standard that they are held at. No standard, they can pay whatever they want. Sure, some would pay above what today minimum wage is without minimum wage being established, but they already do- if you get a raise. Most companies however, are corrupt, and would pay their employees little and then threaten their jobs if they complained. Some people need jobs really badly, and would take any money, so a minimum wage helps to establish that they actually make any money to be able to support themselves. I don't see any problem with it, being a working woman myself, and I don't see why this even a discussion.

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