• It's time for the change

    As more jobs are being filled and more people are being born, the food is getting more costly. Cost of living is going up and jobs need to pay more then nine dollars an hour. I have known people on minimum wage and usually they are poor Americans with families they are trying to support. The change to $15.00 needs to happen.

  • Prices are rising and we need to keep up

    Yes I know some of you out there opposing me are thinking to yourself "inflation!". Yes inflation is a problem no doubt but the bigger problem here is to make sure the average American can afford to keep himself/herself economically sustained. This in my opinion is the largest problem. Once more and more people begin to receive more money through their labor than inflation can be dealt with but again, I feel that making sure the average American can support themselves is the most important thing out of all personal financial problems.

  • Dolla, Dolla bill yall!!!!!!

    Yes i think the minimum wage should be increased because people need more money so they can spend it on more useless stuff than before. With more money people can buy pointless things such as Justin Bieber cds, One Direction posters, and boring books. If I got extra money I would buy, a PlayStation 4, a rabbit named Bonnie, and a Master Chief costume.

  • It is good

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