• Yeah I think the age requirement should be lowered

    My reasoning for wanting it to be lowered is well being 13 there are more things you seem to want/need and when you can't do anything to increase the amount of money you have for this item it gets really annoying to the point where you can't stop thinking about it and especially if you have parents who don't let you do work around the house or for neighbors that's when it gets really irritating and annoying. If anybody has any arguments about my comment feel free to tell me.

  • Yes the minimum work age should be lowered

    Me being 12 and wanting to work at macdonalds is kind of the base of my argument. Because I don't feel like waiting 2 years to get a job there. And to work at a place like Dixie lee you have to be 15 wich I think is stupid - _-. The minimum work age should be limited to atleast 12, cause you know there at 12 year olds other than me out there that want or need a summer job to get money and with a age limit of 14 or 15 I cant. -_- ive been waiting 12 years to get a job and I don't feel like waiting any longer to get a job-_-

  • Yes, for most jobs!

    Many families nowadays require financial aid, or like food stamps, for example. They have parents who may be incapable of finding a job due to certain obstacles, such as age, disabilities, etc. Regardless, if younger people start working, they will gain the work experience needed in the future, thus allowing them to become more successful.

  • For the sake of some Jobs

    I do believe that some jobs in countries should have younger ones working for them. A couple problems I see with it is that the younger ones may want to stick to the job they are given early in life because it would be like one of many known traits that they stick with because it was introduced early to them. Also that depending on how young you would like to say, it would be hard for some to pay attention and correctly do their work. I would say the solid age of 12 for very minor jobs like basic cleaning, and basic order taking. The age of 12 is when the human mind starts to really get a hold of what school is and they start to see some more responsibility. I think that there should be volunteering for certain higher end jobs for kids to figure out what they like. I am sure there's types of jobs like that, but it would be amazing for younger one's to truly get to see and express them selves on the subjects they like. They may even choose a career early on like I did myself. I chose to become a mechanical engineer at age 13 because of my father telling me stories and showing me environment of a engineering work place and how things roll there.
    But for basic jobs that do not require much educational skill except for regular adding and subtracting to understanding time management. Which most kids at that age should have an alright understanding of, I think it would teach the preteens and those like them responsibility and the value of the currency they live with. Almost going back to wild western times, shop keepers would reward the kids for sweeping up the shop, or making deliveries with some money or food. It was a simpler time with less safety pillows for the people around them. But it helped those who had those jobs gain better jobs and already be able to work more efficiently than a new person to the job.

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  • Yes, Please do it.

    Kids grow up with wants that parents don't want to provide. My dad gave me $0. 50 for washing dishes, And I'm pretty sure part time jobs pay $7 an hour. I'd rather sit in a walmart guiding customers or loading shelves all day than rather earn $0. 50 about twice a week.

  • I think so

    I think that the working age should be lowered to at least 14 because kids need to be learning the responsibilities that only working on real jobs can create. Also, Jobs give them a sense of real worth, Gets them off the streets and decreases some of the temptations of a gang membership.

  • Yes nigga bitch

    I think that it should because all of you are faggots and don't want kids to learn responsibility or respect or get big boners on the job and give you head in the back room and tell him/her not to tell their mommy or daddy because im their daddy and nobody will say anything about it or choking time from daddy.

  • As time goes on we will start wanting more shit

    In plenty of other countries 13 is a fine age to work, Also because of the recent bit coin trend there has been hyper inflation so a family will need to produce more money than before to get certain things like vehicles,food, and many types of electronics like phones and tv's.

  • I don't think it should

    Kids taking a job would make the business have to pay more money to workers, because all the sudden kids would want jobs. Then, the business looses more money. No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no

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