• This sounds like an environmental disaster.

    Humans have ruined every place on Earth by deforestation and pollution and making animals go extinct and causing things like forrest fires. Antarctica is the only place on Earth basically untouched by humans, are we really going to ruin this too? The last place where animals can live in peace and where natural scenery is untouched. Mining might also contribute to the melting of Antarctica which is already happening from global warming, we need to work on slowing this and not do anything that might increase it. Mining in Antarctica sounds very expensive, would the resources be worth more than the cost of mining and supplies like food and electricity? Just a bad idea for many reasons.

  • Mining should be banned

    Mining would be difficult because of the ice. It would scare animals and make them leave young and eggs. Mining can not go forward we can't destroy another place in this world. We need to use Antarctica sustain ably. We can not afford to lose another part of the world. Also think how expensive it would be to buy the equipment to break though the ice. Would Antarctica fall into the ocean as many countries have territorial claims. In conclusion, Mining should be banned

  • It should be saved

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