Should minors be allowed to drink alcoholic beverages in their homes with their parents’ consent?

  • It teaches you responsibility

    If you drink at home with your parents, You won't be as tempted to overdue it. I am 17, Almost 18, And I drink, But I know my limit because my parents taught me right from wrong and to know when you have reached your limit. It helps teach you responsibility, And your parents can help you with your hangover when you have one, And if you overdue it your parents can be there to catch you when you fall ( cause you will trip and fall on your face. )

  • It would be alot safer

    I believe drinking at home is better than drinking in a public place. Parents can always tell the child to stop and can care for them. Most families already expose alcohol to young children so why would it be a bad thing to just legalize it? Teens will be more safe at home than going out and doing it behind their parents. Teens will regardless drink alcohol.

  • Yes they should

    I’m a minor and my mom lets me drink who cares it’s fun we’re kids enjoy it while it lasts cause as soon as ur old enough it’s no more fun cause ur aloud to so u don’t get the rush of fun secrecy of breaking the law 😂 😆 😝

  • It Is Safer

    It would be a lot safer if the minor was to drink at home as opposed to a bar or in public. There are a few main reasons to this as the child would be at a lower chance of hurting themselves or others as they would in public, The parent would know when they think their child has had enough to drink and could stop them before they went too far, The parent would keep their child inside so they weren't a danger to a passerby or a pedestrian. In all reality if the parents say that it was okay then it really shouldn't matter.

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  • Just say yes

    Its worth it. If your parents dont approve of this then steal there alcohol and drink it. Its fun. And youll finally realize what youve been missing out on. So if you have to do this stupid article for school then do it & try alcohol. I approve of this messege

  • Alcohol is good for kids .

    Alcohol helps kids brains and helps them learn more . It relaxes them and makes them less suicidal. It calms them down and for people with anger issues itll knock them out once they hang over . They wont be depressed anymore . Parents will keep an eye on them incase they die . They should only drink a limit at 0.38 .

  • It may limit underage alcohol consumption.

    I believe this because if the adult lets them drink in their presence it may not make them feel the need to sneak off and drink. If they do not have the approval to drink a home, it is more likely they will sneak off and drink, leading to a car accident and other consequences.

  • Parents Should Allow Minors To Drink

    I am 15, almost 16, and came on this site for a speech I am doing. My speech topic is a persuasion speech and it is "Should Parents Allow Their Children To Drink Under Their Supervision". I have read all answers and finally decided which side of my speech I will be on. I think it is a good idea for parents to allow their children to drink with them so parents can teach them to be responsible drinkers. Plus its better for the children if they get drunk it's at home where they can be taken care of immediately instead of some random bar where they could get hurt. The parents can help their children find their limit and how not to overdue alcohol. They can also show how to deal with a hangover. So I think that children should be allowed to drink but only under their parents supervision.

  • I think children under the age of 21 should be allowed to drink alcohol with parental supervision.

    If the children have parental supervision then the children would not be tempting to drink more than they are suppose to. They would have control and could possibly not get drunk. The parents should not be able to drink while their children are drinking so they can keep track of their children.

  • Underage drinking shouldn't be allowed

    If kids are allowed to drink then they be drunk all the time. If the kids are drunk then they will be running around town and end up getting killed by someone who isn't paying attention to people crossing the road. People can get killed because of drinking. Ok bye

  • No drinking for minors

    Why do i feel this way? Cause if it is allowed it will exponentially get more out of control even if parents are there. And what if the parents aren't there but the children have consent and something VERY bad happens, a lot worse compared to the minor not being drunk? Another thing to consider is a minor is not fully matured so they don't know when to cap it off even more so than an adult that is addicted.

  • I completely disagree

    Even if a child's parents allow them to drink alcohol it doesn't mean they wont do any harm to themselves or others. For instance if a parent allows their child to drink with them that means everyone in the family will be affected because they are all drinking. If all the people in a household get drunk then there is no one sober that is there to help if something bad happens to anyone. Moreover one of the drunken members of a family can actually be the one to harm their relation, especially if there has been a recent argument between any members.
    With no one there to help there could be permanent damage done to the house or one of the family members.
    Alcohol alone does damage to a person's brain and body and if one of the minors or any of their family members overdoses on alcohol some of the side effects can be suppressed gag reflex. Someone could choke, and possibly die if they vomit while unconscious and lying on their backs. If vomit is inhaled into the lungs, it can cause a person to stop breathing.
    This is why I think minors, who don't yet know how to control themselves should not be allowed to drink alcohol even with their parents consent.

  • All children underage shouldn't be allowed to drink

    Drinking alcohol at a young age can be brain damaging, giving children a higher chance of academic failure and killing important brain cells.
    Children who start drinking at a young have a greater chance of becoming an alcoholic later on in life.
    Children and teens are changing everyday, they are prone to peer pressure, new and different situations and urges, with these going on and allowing then to ingest alcohol makes them more vulnerable to depression, violence, drug abuse, unprotected sex and much more.
    People saying yes aren't thinking about the consequences and what alcohol can do to you, they think it's the thing now a days, to drink and they don't care how it can affect them.
    All they worry about is trying to fit in and be in the "in group"

  • Remain as it is

    The human mind is fully developed at twenty one but is still going through the process from 11 through 20. Underage drinking can create problems for the mind once the kid gets older they might end up with speech problems or memory loss when they get older. Life is easy when you make the right choices this is a life changing choice.

  • Should minors be allowed to drink alcohol in their homes with their parents' consent?

    I believe that minors being allowed to drink alcohol with their parents consent is bad because they could become alcoholics. Their lives could be ruined because they are now alcoholics. The other side will say that they are training their children to enjoy alcohol, and not to abuse it.

    But most parents while introducing alcohol will give too much because they are not sure how much is right. Some children inherit a severe alcoholic disorder gene which makes them become alcoholics easier. Most younger people that drink alcohol also do other bad things like drugs, stealing, and killing.

    Alcohol drinking at a young age could and probably will mess up your brain. Teaching kids that they can have alcohol will lead them to go to parties and not be 21 and get drunk. This will happen because they won't know when to say they have had enough . For example, a kid that hasn't had alcohol is less likely to go to a party and go straight to see if there is any at the party. The kids that have tried alcohol will go and find and just start out by enjoying it but as they get more into the party they will get pressured into getting drunk. The kids that didn't go straight for the alcohol might not even know that there is alcohol at the party. Then the kid that got drunk drives home and is caught by a cop or gets in an accident and kills someone else. But the other child gets home safely.

    Alcohol is a bad thing and people should try to stay away from it altogether. But if you do drink alcohol don't drink it till you are at the right age and that age is 21. Another form of accident that could happen from a person being able to have alcohol at a young age is that the child could go out with his/her friends and have a little alcohol. Then as he/she is driving home he/she could get pulled over. Or worse they could get into an accident.
    In conclusion I think that you shouldn't have alcohol at a young age because it can result in all kinds of bad thing. Like accidents, going to jail, and even worse death. You can get brain damage and have kidney failure and liver damage from drinking too much. Well that is my take on minors being allowed to drink alcohol in their homes with their parents' consent.

  • The drinking age should remain as it is

    If a parent allows a minor child to have a taste of an alcoholic beverage, or to have a small drink, there should be no penalty for that. It makes alcohol less mysterious and may make children less tempted to drink when their parents are not around. However the drinking age should remain at 21. There are too many risks to let minors drink earlier on a regular basis.

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