Should minors be allowed to get a tattoo without parental consent?

  • It's better to be able to give them the chance.

    Think about it if you tell a person no they'll want to do it more, Right? This way they don't just rush into the decision just to irk you. Plus their isn't much differences between 16 and 18. Not to mention the health risk involved when they sneak tattoo, Not to mention the price can you really see a most fifteen years olds spending over 60 bucks a tat? I can't.

  • Yes please. . .

    I am thirteen and i think that a certain age like 16 is okay to get a tattoo. The world is ruined anyway, So why not have the best life you can live. Listen here, Not everyone has a long life. Live your life the way you want it to be, If you don't then you might regret it when you are older. Die with a story, Make it you not someone else, You are you. So be real.

  • Yes! Minors should be aloud to get tattoos without their parents consent.

    I am 15, almost 16, and I have a tattoo. I don't regret getting it and I'm glad i got it. I'm responsible enough to choose my tattoo and have a mind of my own. In my opinion I believe there should be a certain age like 15 or 16 years old where you DON'T need consent from your parent, but anything below that should have parents consent.

  • Yes we should

    I think that we should be able to get tattoos. Its not the parents body it ours, they shouldnt be be telling us what we can and cant put on our body im 14 and i have had a tattoo in mind for almost 2 years but yet i cant get it let us get tattoos

  • Because I said so

    It's their body, From ages 16 and up you should be able to get a tattoo no problem, or questions asked. If they want to express themselves they should be able to. It's dumb that they aren't allowed to make any decisions without a bitchy parent telling them what to do.

  • Yes let us get tattoos

    People are always saying that us teens are irresponsible and should be aloud to make our own decisions. When the truth is I have been thinking about what I want to be put on my body for close to two years yes the design has had very minor changes in it but it is so close to the original design it really wouldn't have mattered if I got it now or before. But I'm seventeen in the worst case senario just chang the law to make it at the age of 16 and above you don't need parents permission cause an Ghar point you are most likely treated as an adult but you still need your parents for a tattoo or somthing you want to do with your body it's bulldhit

  • Tattoos should be aloud

    I'm thirteen and teens do have a mind for ourselves but everyone makes bad decisions but it should be aloud with the consent of the parents and school so if a child got a tattoo without the schools consent they should be expelled!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!! !!!!! !!!!!!

  • Yes yes yes

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  • Yes because some parents may not like tattoos but kids may like them

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  • I do not think that minors should be able to get tattoos without there parents consent

    I am 13 years old which is a minor and i think that as kids that we are young and dumb and we might get something that they might regret getting but as you get older then you will know that once you get this tattoo you can not get it removed.

  • No Minors should not be able to get tattoos without adult consent.

    Minors should not be able to get tattoo's without parent consent because (1) Say the kid has diabetes and they wanted a tattoo, we all know if you have diabetes you cannot get a tattoo because you wont heal correctly and could cause a fatality of the minor. (2) The said minor might get a tattoo they think is cool today like I don't know Hello Kitty, and later on in life they regret it because they don't want it anymore an get made fun of for it, and we all know that unless you have the money to have it removed or covered up you are stuck with it for the rest of your life.

  • No tattoos are ridiculous!

    Why should children be allowed to decide to get a tattoo or not? Tattoos are permanent! They do not wash off like pens or markers! They will be with you till you die! Like what if the child decides to write his girlfriends name and then they break up? Children are too young to make big decisions like a tattoo.

  • Minors should not be allowed to get tattoos or piercings without parents permission

    I don't care if it is "their own body". Teens minds are not fully developed and should not get the choice to make this decision on their own. If they fully want to commit to this tattoo or piercing, their parents will be the voice of reason. If they believe it is a good idea it probably is. If they think its a bad idea, it most likely is. This is how the teen's life has been for years. Why change for a lifetime skin altercation?

  • They should not get a tattoo.

    They should get parents consent because if they get the tattoo they would have to pay for it. They would also have to sit for hours of excruciating pain. I know what it feels like. And there is the fact that if a kid would do he/she would have to sit for hours while they are getting poked by a needle.

  • Nah breh sandwhich

    It could really hurt them
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  • Minors should not a tattoo

    If minors get a tattoo then when they get older and they decide that they do not like the tattoo anymore, then they would have to pay a lot to get it removed or just leave it and pay to cover it up with different tattoo. So minors should not get a tattoo without parental consent.

  • No they are messing up there body

    Minors should not be able to get a tattoo without parent consent . Say your 7 or even 8 year old child got a tattoo of batman or something stupid on them would you be pleased to hear about this ,no you wouldn't .Also if they get a tattoo when their young and their body grows the tattoo would be all stretched out and it would look retarded

  • No Just No

    I have just turned into adulthood but I still believe I need to wait for my tattoo. My reasoning for this is because of my friend. She got a tattoo at 16 years old. Then she3 grew and gained some weight. Needless to say her beautiful flower I was so jealous of is now not something I or anyone else would want on their body.

  • No, children should have parent supervision

    Minors are not always capable of making smart decisions, especially where tattoos are concerned. It is the parents job to supervise the child until they are capable of making smart, well informed decisions, and if the parent does not think it is wise for their child to do something, such as get a tattoo, they are probably right.

  • I don't think so

    When I was a minor, I would have gotten A LOT regrettable tattoos, if I had a choice. I am glad that there are regulations about the age at which you can get tattoos, because tattoos are a permanent decision and people tend to change a lot before their 18th birthday.

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