• YES, of course

    Yes they should have social networks( with the exception of date networks) It's a great way to contact our friends for free and see what they're doing and for parents It's a good way to control their kids friendships and to see If they're in any problem. However there are those teens who have got no control and just add people they don't know, that's their problem and their responsibility.

  • Yes, why not?

    Firstly, people have the right to get access to the social media,including the minors. Secondly,the social media is informative,helpful and fast. Thanks for it,study has become easier than ever and we can keep our information up-to-date .Last but not least, the social media is entertaining. Indeed, the latest news about those celebrities for example are undeniably appealing to most of us. To sum up, social media should be allowed for the minors regarding of their great benefit.

  • Minors should be allowed to have social media.

    Minors should be allowed to have social media. They should be allowed to be on these sites too and are not just for adults. They should be allowed to chat with friends all over the world and learn about their life too. I think that is it good that we allow our children on the Internet so they can learn more.

  • Of Course They Should

    I believe it is important, as parents, to teach children about computers, technology, and the Internet. The best way for minors to learn, is to experience it first hand. Social media is almost an ingrained part of the American world, but it also must be taken seriously, and minors should make their first appearance on social media with the help and advice of a parent.

  • Yes, with limitations.

    There is no way we are going to be able to stop minors from having social media because if nothing else they are going to lie about their age if not allowed. However, parents should be taking precautions and setting limits and checking their kids' sites to guard against adults who troll for young people who are unaware of such a possibility.

  • Obviously we aren't stupid.

    Its 2014 and kids are obviously not stupid. They just are not stupid. They can like idk handle themselves online. Online is not just for adults. Some of my greatest friends are from a different country. I hate how kids are 10-11 are passed off as stupid. I may be 12 but i like to stand up for what's right.

  • Kid friendly sites

    There are so many sites and things that help kids with their homework and other things. There are apps that are tutors and help with special needs kids. The older kids, it is a way to connect with friends that have moved away. It has many benefits with friends and school!

  • Not ALL of us can't handle it!

    I may still be "too young" for social media, but really I'm mature enough. I know how to deal with bullies, I never use electronics until I've finished my homework, I would NEVER cyber bully or be unsafe when it comes to "making friends" with people on social media, or use it in school. Age is no more than a mindset, it's maturity that matters.

  • Yes but no

    Even though I think that it's not right for children to be classed as being stupid or our brains haven't developed I also don't think it is not right for children to be mixing in with the wrong people because even though we are not stupid, some of us are when it comes to online safety and I don't really think that it's age that matters I think it is maturity and knowledge. I think if it was bannedfor minors to have access for the social media it wouldn't be fair for the rest of us that have a little common sense.

  • Yes yes yes

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  • Kids are born stupid until taught and prove otherwise, Which usually takes about 25 years give or take.

    What age is the brain fully developed?
    The rational part of a teen's brain isn't fully developed and won't be until age 25 or so. In fact, Recent research has found that adult and teen brains work differently. Adults think with the prefrontal cortex, The brain's rational part.
    Understanding the Teen Brain - Health Encyclopedia - University of. . .
    Https://www. Urmc. Rochester. Edu/encyclopedia/content. Aspx? ContentTypeID=1. . . 3051

  • I don't think so

    Because some kids will do either something inappropriate. They don't need to be addicted to something (like being on your accounts). I mean at 15 years old i am perfectly fine without one and i don't get bullied very often or i don't want to bully any one else to make them feel bad. And i want to have time to do other things too and to not be glued to a phone seeing how many friends you have. So i just don't see the need of having one

  • Please, No. It's not a necessity; it's a road block.

    I was raised without social media, Yes, But almost everyone around me has a social media account. I've noticed that between my non-Instagram friends and my every-social-media-possible friends, The ones like me are much more reasonable in conversation. Regardless of if it is politics or a history lecture, They will openly listen to other people, Wait for them to be done, Think about it, And then offer their side, Without sounding overbearing or authoritative.

    On the other hand, Social media centered kids (Like it or not, Oftentimes once you have it, You become addicted. Just watch Simon Sinek's The Millennial Question. ) refute something said as soon as they find that it is disagreeable to them. While I admit, It may be habitual or personality wise, It definitely does not occur in my friends raised without social media.

    Secondly, The internet is a place where people lie, Cheat, And scorn. They're called minors for a reason. They haven't matured yet and they don't necessarily understand the consequences of the littlest things. That boy your 14 year old daughter thinks is cute and sweet and funny might actually be a thirty year old that still lives with his parents and deals on the weekends. It might be worst case scenario, But they haven't learned the things fake trust can do. ITS IMPOSSIBLE TO MONITOR EVERYTHING THEY DO. They will make mistakes, True, But what mistakes they make is up to parents teachings their kids the right things at the right time. Social media isn't the right way to teach them those lessons. It's a harsh world online.

    So please, No. No social media. I grew up without it, And I'm not better than anyone, But I sure learned things faster and safer than some.

  • Why do they need one?

    For many teenagers and pre-teens, they are led to believe that social media is a social necessity. They are under the impression that in order to be cool and in the loop, they need a social media account. Now, adapting to the times, teachers require specific accounts and smart phone applications for homework, grades, quizzes, tests, debates, or to simply contact them. It can be difficult to get along successfully in school without a device. This not only decreases perceived individual worth by creating an unrealistic ideal expectation, but also shapes how they want others to behave and look. It becomes dangerous.
    Providing minors access to so much internet content is not a good idea. Their perception of reality is altered. They have unrealistic expectations. They have access to addictive things that not even a mature audience should view. They loose the ability to decifer fact from fiction. They believe all the political jargon they see online. They stop developing individual and unique opinions. They perform less in academics when they get to college and are held to a higher standard. They get ideas about how to "quick fix" their problems. They become disconnected from the real world. They lack face to face interaction that becomes vital to successful careers. The list goes on and on.
    Why? Why do we need to change? This recent shift causes students to develop bad habits that they can carry with them through adult hood. They loose the ability to think critically for themselves, use printed resources, perform deep/critical/arduous/important research, and problem solve.

  • No no no

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  • ABSOLUTELY NOT. It is only to dumb them down and make them victims

    Children don't have the capacity to understand non face-to-face reactions. They do not need 24/7 stimulation. Their brains are not developed yet to take all of this in and understand what they are seeing. Why would you let a small child have access to something they can see x-rated stuff on so easily? They do not need the ability for adults they do not know to see their pictures and contact them. Parents only allow kids these days to use it to distract them, because they want their own phones so why not give the kid a phone to shut them up? Disgusting. Make your kid go out and play all day and actually be active and meeting people face to face. We are destroying the next generation. Literally, these kids are DUMB compared to the rest of us who did not grow up with this crap. STOP ALLOWING IT!!!!!

  • Maybe its not the best

    Even though kids are unaware of whats right and whats actually wrong .Social media isn't helping and their might be a small chance.L really small.Lets not ruin the future with nonsense ,you know like rappers or video makers .Those are the type of people who influence . The stuff they make or post is not very positive either so lets not let kids learn from that

  • Its stupid a!

    Cause kids can get on thing that they have no idea what it is and people will talk to the kids and the kids will be like come and meet me at the park and the people will take the kids and run away and never come back with the kids.

  • Not a good idea😭🤐😵

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