Should minors be allowed to purchase violent video games?

Asked by: wonderwhy
  • Yes They should

    It's not the game that makes them violent. It could be their parents harassing them about the game. Adults always blame the game for making them enraged because they play on it all the time. Thank you for reading this! I hope you learn from this article! Sorry for the short response! I was in a rush

  • There's a freedom of expression, with some cautions along the way.

    There's has been much debate over the years on whether or not minors should be allowed to purchase violent video games. I'm not ignoring the fact that violent video games can effect and change the behavior of those who submerge themselves in hours of gameplay. However, we are given a choice, both morally and physically, on the appropriate level of violence we choose to let our children interact with. Yes, it's okay to have some fun and shoot around a bit, but there's still that fine line between how far or how much can the violent video games enter a minors life. We all have the freedom of expression and freedom to purchase what we want as well as what we enjoy. But, considering violent video games should we allow the children in our society to freely make that choice for themselves?

  • I'll say yeah ! Why not ?

    I mean people should learn how to pick games they wanna play . I feel like if you can handle the intensity play the game . Cod & Gta kind of violent , but you chose to play it so you know play . Any game should be played and people putting the level of the game , well why would you people buy them . That's why people should buy any type of game

  • No, MA games are for adults only.

    The ESRB rating is there for a reason. I don't think violent games should be banned, as we still have the freedom to play whatever game we want. But kids being allowed to play MA games like GTA 5 is why so many people think video games should be banned, but, this in itself is one of the core problems with video games, is that kids are still somehow allowed to play MA games despite the warning tags saying that MA games can change the state of mind of a little kid. I don't think banning violent games altogether will fix it, but stricter age requirements will fix it.

  • No they shouldnt

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