• Age is only a number.

    If someone has the capacity to commit a crime, Then they are definitely old enough to deal with the consequences no matter what age they are. They need to learn that actions have consequences and a punishment is necessary. Of course they will need extra care and support to carry them into adulthood but that should be provided alongside the punishment and not instead of it.

  • They should be tried as adults!

    If they commit murder or extreme violence - they should pay for their actions. If they take someone's life, there are consequences. Maybe they can go to a jail for teenagers or something - but they should not just get away with community service. Especially because there is a rise in teen gangs in Australia, UK and now the US - they take advantage of this loophole in the law to attack people. They should pay!

  • Yes.They should be charged as adult,

    People living in this era has changed a lot and not as minors 20 years back.They knew lot of general knowledge and their scope of ability to draw logical distinction is tremendous . They are aware on what they are doing will impact their surrounding drastically, therefore its is clear that minors nowadays know more than adults in each in everywhere in how to sync with their surroundings due to increase involvementin education of moral values . The age will not be considered as an escape to loose out criminals and liable minors to discharge with one closed eye manner

  • Yes they have to

    If a child make a crime and u don't penalized him, who tells me that he won't do it agin?
    What if the crime is a homicide and he kills your mom? You'll want him to be free after he kills your mom? I don't think so, even hittler loved his mom... For him his mom was everything in this world, when she died everythin forr him was over

  • Kid should be tried as adults

    Kids should be tried as adults if kids get tried as adult that mean there will be less crime in because the minors that are doing the crime can be hit with a fiain or even time in jail with will scare more kids so they do do it to

  • They should be charged

    As time goes by the extent and method of juvenile delinquency is getting crueler and the rate of repeat offenders is increasing. They are not afraid of the law and rather use it when they find out that the punishment level of juvenile violent crime is very low.
    However, young people's accidental and emotional crimes pose a significant risk of retaliation, and the victim's protection is poorly protected, so the victim has to live in hiding. The minor penalties, which are meant to protect young people, are actually threatening and failing to protect them.

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  • Yes they should

    When a minor has an extremely long streak of crimes it's time to start charging them as an adult when they haven't learned from the first 2 criminal acts. Clearly they know what they're doing by now and believe they will keep getting off easy. So they should be charged as adults.

  • Yes they should

    In many incidents,children commit crime of adult such as murder,rape,robbery,child molestation and etc..).For the most serious crime such as murder,rape,and child molestation they deserve to be charged as an adult because these crime are very serious.So i would say a person age 14 should be charged as an adult,yes they.

  • Violent Crimes are Violent Crimes.

    Anyone that commits a crime like premeditated murder, rape, or other violent and destructive crimes, should be charged as adults. This does not mean that thievery and petty crimes should be charged as adults. Major violent crimes deserve a proper punishment, so that we can get those kind of people off of the streets. Would you want a murderer playing with your children after a short sentence from juvenile court?

  • What if it was your child?

    If the criminal was your child and was under 17 years old would you be okay with your own flesh and blood rotting away in a prison for doing something they didn't fully understand. We have all done something to regret when we were younger. They should not be charged as adults but as minors. They shouldn't go unpunished but also they should't be locked away in an adult prison forced to adapt with worse criminals. Maybe rehab is a better option then life in prison.

  • Bad childhood/ Raising

    Children under 17 aren't completely mature and raised. These minors, especially under 16, haven't completely grown up. In this environment the juveniles tend to find security. In this unsafe environment the children seem to buddy and find friends for safety. With these "friends" they grow up and are RAISED with bad behavior. After this rehabilitation is NOT an option because the childhood full of bad behavior and role models. There fore children would have a bad mindset and become sociopaths.

  • Lack of Brain Growth.

    Studies have proved that a person limbic system doesn't reach maturity until the age of twenty five. When the emotional side of your brain isn't mature, the decisions you make are unable to be rational thought out to a full extent. So sequentially a minor cant be fully responsible for their actions.

  • No. Minors shouldn't be tried as adults!

    In no other situation would a child be considered an adult. A child cannot buy tobacco, lottery tickets or other things, no matter what! They are to be considered minors. Why is it any different with court? These are children, they don't fully understand what they've done, how could they when the brain is not fully processed until the age of about 25 I believe.

  • Only For Felonies

    Minors should be charged as adults only if a felony crime is allegedly committed. Assault, robbery, manslaughter, rape and murder are all heinous crimes that deserve harsher punishments than can be doled out in juvenile courts. When serving time, minors and juveniles shouldn't be subjected to adult jails because they'll get beat up every day and their safety is at risk.

  • No they should not.

    Minors should not be charged as adults especially since many minors do not fully understand what they did or really meant to do it. Maybe they just took a joke too far, or were out having fun and did not realize they were causing problems for others. There is too many variables in the situation.

  • Let me rephrase that, should your child be charge as an adult in any circumstances?

    We’ve all had our rebellious moments as teens. Of course, everyone’s mistakes differ in many varieties of levels. One teen smoking weed while others killed for different reason or motives that could have been persuaded under the influence or were simply brainwashed into gangs and obviously there’s those weird, mentally ill kids who commit a massacre because he or she needs mental help trying to cope with life. The point is who we are as teens should not determine where or who we should be in the future or for the rest of our lives because it is the stage where we are still learning and growing. How will we proof to society that we have grown and learned from our mistakes when we are sitting in a cell facing time without a chance to show (positive) growth potential. The young mind is easy to manipulate so why not manipulate it to change for better than to punish that child severely.

  • No, a minor should not be charged as an adult.

    Children, even children who commit crimes, need to be protected. What could we as a society gain from putting minors in prison with violent adults? The goal should be to stop the criminal behavior, not put them in an environment where they will learn worse behaviors. In addition, children in prison with adults will surely become victims of unspeakable crimes.

  • Minors Should Not Be Charged as Adults

    Minors should not be charged as adults. Simply put they are minors because they are not considered adults. They do not have the maturity or life experiences to behave as an adult in some cases. We can all look back at our pasts and come up with an instance or two we would shake our heads at. If the minor commits a serious crime, it can still be dealt with effectively through Juvenile Justice. Minors do not have the same rights as an adult, why should they be charged as an adult?

  • Undeveloped.

    No, minors not be tried as adults. They are still learning how to become a good member of society and should be able to make mistakes without fully facing the consequences until they are fully able to make the right choices. That takes time, and children need to be given that time.

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