• Minors aren't so minor anymore

    No kid should get the 'minor pass' if they kill or rape another person. When it comes to rape or murder or grand theft there shouldn't even be adult charges and charges for minors. If you killed some, it's bad no matter what age you are. You don't want to get shot in the head by a 15yo and he gets a small verdict.

    In mental wards they often don't dose children much different from the adults because these mental disorders don't take it easier on a person because they're a child. A bipolar 12yo can do a lot of what a bipolar 25yo can do too.

    I agree with trying a child in a intensive program while they're incarcerated though. They're young and they're brain still has training and growing to do so maybe they can get help and get out and never end up back. But then you got adults doing that too.

    The reasons some children have killed someone are actually much worse than some adults reasons. A man kills the guy that slept with his wife is different from Sarah killing Ashley because she told the whole school Sarah is really a liar. Ashley's parents are definitely not going to want Sarah to get any 'minor' judgment.

  • They aren't adults.

    There isn't any point of having a line separating childhood from adulthood if we're just going to throw it out the window whenever someone sees fit. A child does not magically become an adult when they do something awful. That's giving kids no adult freedom, but giving them adult punishment. May as well make everyone a full legal adult at birth.

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