Should minors be prosecuted for sending naked pictures of themselves to other minors?

Asked by: surefirepluto
  • Minors Free to Entice Adults

    Any minor 14 and over knows exactly that sending nude pictures is wrong. Female minors often have enticed adult men by sending the male a nude picture. Often, the teen has the picture on a phone and has used it previously; yet they are always considered the victim. A relatively young adult male is often enticed to send one back. Later, the female will claim that the male asked her to send the nude photo, and he is charged with manufacturing child porn. He gets charged and sentenced and she is off the hook because she is the "victim." In many cases, she keeps the photo on her cell and uses it with other teens and adults. If these minors were charged with manufacturing their own child porn, then they might have a reason to stop. Young adult males may not be able to resist the attention of that minor. Maybe the law should reduce the age of what is considered illegal to 13 and younger.

  • With juvenile delinquency NOT child pornography

    Laws against child pornography were made to protect children from abusive adults, not to punish children for sending pictures between each other. It is a grave travesty of justice that a person can be convicted of molesting themselves! The law on this matter should be separate, should consist of just a fine, and should not result in any registration as a sex offender.

  • Sending naked pictures of yourself degrades your worth and your value.

    They should be prosecuted because sending naked pictures of themselves to other minors is considered cyber-sex, which is currently wrong and illegal--in my country at least. Most teenagers would randomly send naked pictures of themselves to other minors without asking their permission, this is clearly not respecting the right of that person. Moreover, what happens if those minors who received those naked pictures find it disturbing in so many ways that scars them for life? Don't you think you should respect the decisions of that person receiving the photos?
    Furthermore, opposition might say, 'oh it's okay for them to do it, as long as they are not hurting themselves or anyone'. This ideology is wrong in many levels. First, they are degrading their human dignities into pictures and items for other people pleasure it. Their bodies would merely be an item for other people to look at; hence degrading their value and worth. It is considered private parts because they are supposed to be private and not public to anyone even their closest friends. Second, since they are degrading themselves as items for others to see, they are hurting themselves deep down. Some may deny they are being hurt, but deep deep down they are. Many researches about porn stars say that they kill themselves after a while because other people degrade their worth. Since these porn stars commit suicide because they regret their actions, don't you think these minors would too later in the future? Lastly, people who send naked photos to other minors want attention because they probably are not receiving enough in their families and friends. Allowing this, would promote them to want more attention--the wrong kind of attention (the degrading kind). We do not want to promote them to do so because we want them to change and focus more on living their lives and getting a job to help their families and their countries and not focus on their selfish desire for attention that would hurt them in the near future. The best way we can do to these attention seekers is to stop giving them the wrong kind of attention and start helping them by advising them to talk to someone about their problems. Help them channel their negativity in to positivity.
    Therefore, with that being said, in order to stop minors from hurting and from degrading themselves we should prosecute them--at least send them to juvi or to a psychiatrist/psychologist. By implementing this, minors would be afraid to send naked pictures of themselves to other minors. We all know implementing this would be for their own good.

  • Child porn laws were created to protect minors, not send them to jail.

    If it is between two people I think it is okay. When people spread it around and use it as blackmail that is when problems start. Our society needs to start trusting young people. It is unrealistic to think that young people will stop doing this since technology is just going to advance. Laws should reflect this.

  • If adults can send each other nudes, minors should be able to send nudes to each other and to adults, as well.

    The headline says it all.

    The only thing is that, when a minor sends it to an adult, the adult has the capability of acting on the enticement that the picture provided. Whether to (a) rape the person or (b) just simply please themselves to the picture. Child porn laws are heavily biased, but it does not excuse the idea of child rape. Hell, some kids do want to have sex with adults, but that should be a right protected by the government, not ostracized by.

  • No Criminal Record

    Some teens make terrible errors in judgment when sending nude photos of themselves over electronic means. But that mistake is compounded by subjecting them to arrest, trial and prosecution. Conviction is likely to be a serious impediment to that child's future earning potential, and even to their ability to attend college.

  • No, As Long as It Doesn't Hurt Anyone

    Most of the time, naked pictures are sent to try to get attention of someone. As long as they aren't hurting themselves or anyone else, it's fine. Okay, it's not fine but they shouldn't be sent to jail for sending it to someone who is a minor as well. Again, as long as they aren't hurting themselves or others, just leave it alone.

  • Child porn laws are crap.

    Let's face it, just as was said above me, child porn laws are meant to protect children from adults who feel sexually attracted to them. When two 17 year old (or any age for that matter) people send naked pictures of themselves to each other, no harm has been done. There are no victims, in fact, both sides want the pictures anyway. Just because you have something shouldn't make it illegal.

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