• If you commit a serious crime you commit a serious crime.

    I really don't care what your age is, if you commit a serious crime then you should be punished. We cannot "baby-proof" a horrible crime just because they're not adults. If a child were to kill someone, are you really going to say "they didn't know any better!" No. C'mon. No tolerence for people who commit crimes. Regardless of you age.

  • Age is number

    I think minors should be treated as adults.. Yes, we are younger, age is just a number.. Sometimes we don't have the best parents and when they decide things for us, and it's not always the best thing for us even if they think it is. If we want to make a decision for our selves it could make us happy and life is all about how you make it, if you are happy and you want to do something that makes you happy, that should be your decision no matter what age, you shouldn't have to wait 18 years to make decisions that will make you happy and in the end make your road of life happy.

  • It depends on the crime and actual age of the minor.

    For example, an eight year old whose crime is shoplifting shouldn't be punished too harshly. If no one was hurt and no harm is actually done, then there needs to be some consideration.

    However, if say, the minor is in their teens and has committed a much more serious or 'adult' crime like rape or murder, then in my opinion, they need to be tried and charged as an adult for what they have done to their victim.

  • They're not even adults yet.

    Sure, they may have committed a crime, but they're just kids, and kids make a lot a irrational choices. This is part of being a teenager. If they make a bad decision, they shouldn't be punished as if they were adults, because they're not adults. The thought process of a teenager is a lot different than that of an adult. The two age groups should not be punished as if they think the same way.

  • Minors should be treated as minors

    By definitions minors should be treated as minors and adults should be treated as adults. Children need their childhood, they need to enjoy their childhood free of adult responsibilities that come with being a grown up person. Yes they should be aware of the difference so that when they also grow up they know that they have an obligation. Its the natural order of things in the world

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