• YES. Age isn't an excuse

    If you commit a crime such as rape, Murder, Etc. You should suffer the consequences instead of getting a short time and being released to walk around free and continue living your life and being able to commit more crimes. A slap on the wrist won't stop others from committing these crimes

  • Yes, age does not change the fact that they committed the crime

    Even though the criminal is a child, they still committed the crime. Just because they are a child does not mean they should get less of a punishment for a crime. Unless the child is very young or mentally ill (or both) they know the difference between right and wrong. A two year old accidentally killing someone is different than a thirteen year old killing someone.

  • For adult crimes, yes

    If these minors are wicked enough to do adult crimes like murder, then yes, they need to be tried as adults. They shouldn't be able to get away with doing horrific things just because they are supposedly still kids. Aggravated murder is aggravated murder, and the price for it should be the same for minors and adults.

  • Yes, Violent Crimes Are Crimes At Any Age

    Yes, minors should be tried as adults. Minors know the meaning of death – they know it is a permanent condition. Minors know it is wrong to harm or kill another individual. When minors make the choice to commit violent crimes against people, then they deserve to be tried as an adult. Minors should not have the option to be forgiven or handed a lighter sentence simply because of their age. Violent crimes are not innocent crimes and do not come from innocent minds.

  • It is unfair for minors to be tried as adults

    Minors are more immature and irresponsible than an average adult, And unaware of the consequences that can be faced by their actions. Their brains also have a slower development, And their urges are harder to repress than an average adult. Based on the evidence above, Minors should not be tried as adults for any crime, Because it isn’t fair for the minors to be compared to a full grown adult, Who would know the consequenses of breaking a law as severe as murdering someone.

  • Minors see jail-time in other eyes than adults do.

    While adults may come to repent their time in prison, children have a quite more distinct view on it. Instead of reflecting on the error of their way, they will repress such thoughts from their memory. Minors who do time in adult prisons do not exit with lower crime rates.

  • Allowing minors one aspect of adulthood while withholding the rest will only lead to dissension.

    When a minor commits a crime, they should be punished, but they should not be treated as an adult simply because they committed a crime. As a minor, your guardians are responsible for everything you do. A minor cannot go to a clinic and get an abortion, nor can they control what they are taught in school: those are only two of the matters that adults handle. If a minor is going to be limited in the choices they make and the responsibility they are given in the eyes of the law because they are a minor, there is no reason for them to be given the responsibility of an adult if they break a law.

  • No, minors should not be tried as adults.

    I do not believe that minors have the ability to fully understand the consequences of their actions. I do believe that the general age of majority (18) is too high, but young people, especially children, are still developing the social skills and cognition required to be functioning members of society. While I believe they should be punished, treating them as an adult is not acceptable.

  • Not Fair.

    No, minors should not be tried as adults. They are still learning how to become a good member of society and should be able to make mistakes without fully facing the consequences until they are fully able to make the right choices. That takes time, and children need to be given that time.

  • Minors Lack The Cognitive Skills to Fully Understand the Consequences of Their Actions

    A person's brain doesn't fully develop until he is in his early 20's. The last area to complete its development is the prefrontal cortex, which handles impulse control, decision making, assessing risk and weighing the consequences of one's actions.

    Faced with impulsive desires or high-stress situations, a minor may commit a minor crime, such as shoplifting, or a serious one such as driving while intoxicated, rape or even murder, simply because he cannot fully comprehend the harm he is causing.

    Minors must certainly be held accountable for their actions, but it is inappropriate to hold an undeveloped brain to the same standards of judgement and self-discipline as a fully mature one.

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