• Accidental pregnancies could happen

    Girls on the streets late at night could get raped and become pregnant by creeps and perverts. I, for one, would not want my teenage girl getting molested by a random guy on the streets. I would prefer that my child is safe inside than outside getting molested by a creep on the streets

  • Curfews are good.

    This motion keeps the politicians of tomorrow out of the streets and out of trouble. Most thefts and murders occur at night, and if there was curfew these would not be able to happen. If you say that they need to be treated as an equal, then they have to earn that. I am under 18 and wouldn't trust anybody that I know to go out on their own.

  • Yes, I think that minors should have a curfew

    I think that minor should have a curfew because there are many crazy people in the world. I think that your safety is more important than trying to stay out and have your so called "freedom". I do agree that freedom is important because many people couldn't have freedom but when it comes to your life and your safety "freedom" can wait.

  • Yes there should be a curfew.

    '' San Pedro Sula, Honduras has the highest number of crimes in the world. '' Said the site curiosityaroused.Com. A curfew in the city would have stopped the murders and rapes that make people so afraid to go out at night. It allows children to go home early, the number of raping teenagers will go lower and adolescents could not do drugs or drink the night.
    Many children and teens are taken at night. If there was a curfew they had to be home by the kidnapping rate to children and adolescents come down. In 2013, there were 41,035 reports of missing children in Canada as reported by the RCMP using the numbers provided by the Canadian Information Centre Canadian Police (CPIC). 79% of these abductions were at night. Many cities already have a curfew in the city and they have a remarkable decrease in crimes. Take the Omaha, Nebraska, for example. In total, there were 21,638 crimes and only 2,526 of them were violent. Compare that to Sherbrooke, where there were 5,196 violent crimes, curfew seems like a good idea.
    More than 60% of rapes are on girls under 17 years and 15% were boys younger than 16 years. Most were in the night as they walked home. If they were at home earlier, they have not been raped.
    Most teens do drugs and drink at parties or just in the corners of the streets the night. If we had a curfew, youth will be forced to make the drug the day. They will be caught more easily and we can stop a big problem before it explodes.
    Our police will catch those who remain out after curfew. 10 of 20 students believe that a curfew will be a good idea. The curfew will return teenagers before they are raped or something more serious. Rape will be almost non-existent and it will stop a problem with drugs and alcohol.

  • There should be curfew

    Teens should definitely have curfews. Teens are in so much trouble today with the risk of getting involved in drugs and underage drinking that we should do anything to prevent it. A curfew can be a good thing because studies show that most crimes happen at night. A curfew could prevent teens from getting involved in those crimes, witnessing or instigating. Also, if teens had to be back at a certain time, they would be able to finish their homework and get a better night's sleep so they can pay attention and generally be better in school. Parents should teach teens about what's really important. If teens constantly believe that parties are more important than grades, then their grades will drop significantly and will continue to become worse in school

  • Yes, they should.

    Me, myself being under 18 I have no problem having a curfew.

    It keeps teenagers out of trouble, it keeps them safe in there home. What teenager has the need to be wondering out on the streets alone or with friends doing who knows what? That is just stupid really.

    Kids do need rules. I wouldn't even myself like seeing an 8 or 10, not even a 15 year old wondering out on the streets late at night. The heck they going to be doing out there? Nothing good, OBVIOUSLY. Smh with people who think it's okay, hope you don't have that mentality once you have a child of your own. I know I'm going to want my kid in by the time I want them in. For their safety.

  • No more curfews

    Have you people heard of a thing called freedom. In the constitution it says that a teen has the same rights as a adult. I mean are you people serious. Nowadays many kids are smart enough to make the right decisions. The city made these laws and the city is not our parents. So what some people came out at night like robbers or the bad people. Those people are not youre kids those are other people. It is different if your kid is in the gang but that is their problem and only they can change it

  • They shouldn't have a curfew.

    Most teen wouldn't go out after curfew, but teens rebellious ways make them more prone to break the law. Without a curfew most teens wouldn't think that going out is such a bad thing. Plus when a city took away curfew the crime level went down by 36% and that amount of gangs went down by 50%. With curfew gone public buildings or organizations can have events past curfew of businesses can have more customer or sales.

  • They may start hating you!!!!

    If you dont give your children freedom they will just sneak out and go behind your back! Kids are smarter than you think they will find a way to get out and they are pretty darn sneaky at all times they know how to lie and their good at it!!!

  • No, They shouldn't have a curfew

    Curfew or none the kids will still go out . I Would Think that this is a violation of our rights. The curfew doesn't affect kids sleep because kids will play on play stations, Xbox's or Wii's. This puts sleep out of the perspective. If you are worried about kids doing drugs they'll do them anyways in their backyards or behind their apartments. The parents can set a curfew if they want that's their responsibility not the governments.Overall i think there should be no curfew.

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