• We need to shape the citizens of tomorrow.

    Our society is plagued with drug trafficking, violence and crime. Surely this is not something we should turn a blind eye to? By using curfews you will discipline kids so when their time comes they will know what's right and what's wrong. It will prevent the society of tomorrow being as corrupt and improper as this one.

  • Yes, minors should abide by a curfew because they are underage minors and most get into trouble late at night.

    Yes, minors should have to abide by a curfew because they are underage minors and most of the trouble they get into happens late at night. If they are out unsupervised than they are more likely to break rules and get into trouble with the law. Many teenagers don't have parental supervision at home so keeping them off the streets late at night will reduce crime.

    Posted by: MycCra2ii
  • We all have rules.

    A minor is someone who is not an adult yet, and unable to make rational, tough decisions because minors only think of the now. Not of the long term consequences of there choices. There are also several adults who do not know how to make healthy choices, by the way.

  • Yes, Teens Should Have a Curfew.

    Teens should have a curfew. Not only do they not need to be roaming around all night long [especially on school nights] but it also teaches us responsibility. I am a fourteen year old girl and as crazy as it may seem I completely agree and think that if it keeps them safe, out of trouble and puts their parents worry at ease then it is completely worth it!

  • It takes a village to raise a child

    This rule goes hand and hand with this saying...children especially teenagers who are still growing need all the sleep they can get. Making them be home by a certain hour is one step closer to helping our future society. If we can even chip in little bit to help our kids grow up in a better future wouldn't you contribute?

  • Minors should abide by a curfew for their safety as most violent crimes happen at night.

    I believe minors should abide by a curfew but not for reasons of thinking that they will cause trouble. I believe, rather, that it should be for their safety. Most violent crimes in the United States happen after curfew. If minors are legally allowed to be out after curfew, it will make it much more likely that they become involved voluntarily or involuntarily in such crimes. Our minors are the future of this country so it is beneficial to all to keep them safe.

    Posted by: BrianDj
  • Minor should have a curfew to abide by. There is no reason for minors to be out late at night without an adult. Typically, no good comes out of kids being out on their own, and often times, NOTHING good comes of it.

    I've talked with enough Law Enforcement officers to know what can happen when minors are out at all hours of the night. It's not safe for the minors or the the general population.

    Posted by: JacksonE
  • Minors should have a curfew that is imposed by their parents not the government.

    I believe that all parents are making a mistake if they do not impose a curfew on their minor children. Kids need rules to know that they are cared for. I do not believe in imposing city wide curfews. All parents need to be in control of their kids.

    Posted by: TaraThi
  • I support that minors should abide by a curfew.

    It is very necessary that minors should abide by a curfew as it is imperative that adults keep a check on the ongoings of minors. Many minors get into wrong company leading to substance drug abuse, violence and drinking leading to a life long regret of the bad habit that they get accustomed to.

    By keeping a curfew on the minor, the adult ensures a more disciplined life of the minor at least till the minor is of a major age and understands the difference between the wrong and right and is ready to take his own decisions.

    Posted by: A Richardson
  • I feel that minors should abide by given curfews.

    As children get older, it is healthy for them to be entitled to some new freedoms, such as going out unsupervised or going out on dates. At the same time, teenagers need some restraint and guidelines under which to follow. Teens aren't capable of making all decisions and are going to make mistakes; having some rules, such as curfews, can help keep them on the right track.

    Posted by: 54ndDavi
  • Definety should not

    A city-wide curfew must not be put in place because of the fact that it will limit teenagers' involvement and activity in the outside world during night time. There would be many teenagers upset with having a curfew because of the fact they would not be allowed hang out with their friends or to ride bikes outside without getting into trouble. Curfews like this one would intitially encourage many teenagers to stay indoors and their phones in place of being outside enjoying the night's air. Most teenagers must stay inside during school most of the daytime from early morning hours all the way into the early afternoon. Many teenagers would be sad that they have to miss out on outdoor time after taking their time to do things like their homework, study, and shower, due to a curfew. This may encourage updet students to give up these things they need, like showering or studying, just to be outside while they are able to. It may also be an encouragement for rebellious behavior in teenagers by making them have the desire to be outside more due to the fact they know they can't be because of the curfew.

  • No curfew needed

    Curfew law should not be enforced because if a child comes from a broken family and the parents are arguing one day the child might want to go out and take a walk so he doesn't have to here the fighting and then lets say a police officer sees the child walking late at night he doesn't know that the kid is taking a walk for a good reason and the officer will take him back home and give the parents a citation.

  • Freedom please people

    Us kids need freedom if we're gonna learn how to live life and get out there. We need to learn how to get home by a proper hour not because of a law, but because we learned how to. I'm not the best at arguieng, so just hear me out.

  • Yeah, a curfew will work..?

    In a perfect world, with perfect people who are perfectly predictable... A curfew would be a way to stop minors from going out at night, doing illicit activities, and screwing up their future. But; newsflash! A criminal... Breaks laws. If a minor has intent on selling illicit materials, or violating someone's rights or property- they will go and do such. Regardless of another minor 'curfew law', that would be hard enough to uphold for someone who can get around easily enough. You know, due to their use age of not wanting to be seen easily, if they're breaking the law. Who even came up with this anyways?

  • Uninformed opinions will

    State that a curfew is necessary to keep teens 'in check' as we are incapable of making our own decisions on what is right and wrong. I am here to dismantle that argument from several different angles. First step, supposing that teens indeed are incapable of making such decisions, what makes 18 the age at which we learn the correct behaviors? Furthermore, a curfew will not ensure a more disciplined life. Human behavior at any age, cannot be changed without the target's consent without severe treatment that would be considered immoral by some and illegal by others. Iron grips create revolutionaries. Second off, I do agree that minors don't need to be out super late on school nights, but that ignores many possibilities, such as walking home from a friend's house or other non structured event planned by the minor. Also, the making of curfews shod be up to the minor and their parents, it's not really the business of law enforcement untill what the minors are doing becomes illegal, at which point it becomes fully legal to send them off with a warning or do whatever the officer is legally allowed to do. Many in support of curfews falsely generalize most teens to be troublemakers, this is obviously not true as the criminals dont listen to something as small as a curfew law. If a child is bad enough to break such laws as substance abuse and such, they aren't going to have much regard for a curfew. As for the shaping the citizens of tomorrow argument, I not only find the phrasing of 'shaping' people troubling, but also find no logic in discipline being the only way to create good citizens, it's a false dilemma. Another way is to show and educate our minors on why it is beneficial to not be out so late, or better yet, offer more legal things to do. Young adults have lots of things to do, like go to nightclubs or bars, while minors are left with things like church lock ins and empty parks. If you offer more things for minors to do, they won't resort to illegal activity. Minors have no political voice that understand them and aren't just a lot of worried and possibly a little over paranoid parents that want the best for their kids, but aren't very skilled in human behavior or social logic. This leaves minors with a few immediately obvious choices, rebel and disregard the rules, suck it up and let their opposition bottle up inside of them, or allow themselves to be convinced and conditioned to follow what many call discipline. While one of these options does technically produce the desired outcome of minors staying indoors at night, it fails to create truly good citizens that understand the reasoning behind the curfew.

  • Decent cities don't need curfews.

    If your city has the infrastructure, and plenty of things for minors to do at night, and not just bars and nightclubs, then kids will have plenty of things to do besides illegal things. Many cities don't know what to do with their minors and since minors don't have a political voice that understands them very well, and isn't just a bunch of mom's who think they're always right, they fall back on lazy laws and tactics that make for kids that are more prone to illegal activities.

  • We should have freedom

    I think we teens should be able to go out any time we want to because that is the only time we get to be by ourselves. We should be able to be with our girlfriends and have a time to go out and see the world outside. Thank you.

  • Heck noooooo no

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  • Freedom is needed

    No the government should not be able to tell us on what time we need to be in the house what need to be able to decide that for ourselves. No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no

  • No no no

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