Should minors have to get parental consent for pregnancy tests?

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  • It will come out

    Minors should be allowed to get a pregnancy test at any age. The truth of a pregnancy would come out to parents/ guardians anyways. They can't hide it especially if this minor is a female. I know parents would probably prefers to know about a possibly pregnancy ,but the minor may not be pregnant anyways. They probably wouldn't have sex until being older anyways after a scare.

  • No, teens need to be free to buy pregnancy tests.

    A teen who is worried about being pregnant needs to be free to start the process of finding out so that responsible choices can be made from there on. If they have parents they are afraid of, and there are some cruel ones, then that consent would not be given or would only lead to retribution and poor choices.

  • No, any minor should be able to take a pregnancy in privacy

    Parental consent should not be necessary for minors to get a pregnancy test. Minors should be able to deal with their potential pregnancy however they wish, in private or otherwise. Requiring parental consent for pregnancy tests could lead to harmful situations. If the minor comes from a broken home or has abuse parents this could lead to harm for the minor. It is safer for minor if parental consent is not needed.

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