Should minors need parental consent for an abortion.

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  • Yes, They Should

    Requiring minors to have parental consent is a safeguard for medical procedures. It protects the minor from receiving improper medical advice or treatment without parental knowledge, and also protects the medical care provider with protection from legal action, such as a malpractice suit.

    If minors are sexually active, there are many steps that can be taken to prevent pregnancy. However, if pregnancy occurs, the safest, but not always easiest, way to proceed is to let your parents/guardians know, so that they can advise you on the best course of action.

  • Minors should need parental consent.

    However I believe that the age of legal adulthood is set to high (in the US at least), and should be lowered. If your parents are still legally responsible for you their consent should be required. Strictly physiologically the best time to have a baby is mid teens to early twenties.

  • Your body is not yours.

    Your body is received from your parents. 'Our bodies - to every hair and bit of skin - are received by us from our parents, and we must not presume to injure or wound them.' (Book of Filial Piety 1) Thus it is necessary, before performing such a potentially harmful act on your body, to seek parents' permission. Legally, as a minor is not old enough to make his/her own decisions, parental consent should be obligatory; morally, people of any age should seek parental consent before an abortion (especially the mother's consent) unless both the parents have passed away.

  • Usually parents know best!

    Kids are under their parents supervision for a reason - kids are still learning. Abortions can have longer term psychological impacts that the kids may have no idea. Parents can walk the child through with wisdom and more life experience. Why should the government know more about our children than we do.

  • They are sill under parents roof.

    The minors still live under their parents roof, so they should get to decide whether or not they can get an abortion. Parents the right would also help guide their child to the right decision. Parents get to decide when their child gets a phone, computer, and other devices. Why not let them decide this to? They have more experience in the real world and would be very helpful.

  • No parents don't have that right.

    Forcing a minor to get permission from their parents to get and abortion goes against the bodily rights of the minor. While parents do have a lot of rights when it comes to their children this does not include forcing them to do something with their body against their will. Not only this but giving birth does large amounts of damage to the body of people under 18 and it would be inhumane to force someone to do this.

  • Parents do not own their child.

    Yes legal guardians do have custody and a right to be apart of their minors life however they do not have the right to FORCE THEM TO HAVE BIRTH. It is inhumane and wrong. There have been cases where a girl comes from a religious family where they are strongly agains abortion and they force their child to give birth. Does that sound fair and just to you? It will have major mental health affects on a young individual that will haunt them for the rest of their lives.

  • The child has to live with the decision for the rest of their life, not the parent.

    If anyone wants an abortion, whether it be because of health risks, rape, emotional distress, or inability to care for their child, then they should be free to decide what happens to their body for the same reasons any adult living with the decision should. Giving birth is painful and traumatic for those not willing, and for minors who aren't fully developed, it can be risky to health as well. This is not a decision that should be in the hands of anyone else but the person carrying the pregnancy.

  • Are you willing to take full responsibility?

    If you believe parents should get to make the decision does that mean you also support the parents having full custody and control of the child? Can you force a child to have a baby when you can't force an adult? I would argue that if you think you can, then you must be fully responsible for that baby going forward. Both and financially and legally.

  • Im so anti this

    Parents should have signifigant authority iver their kids i believe in that but this is too far. You van make your kids do a lot if this but you cannot firce them to give birth. Thats inhumane and medieval and it should always be the pregnant woman or girls choice

  • The bad outweighs the good.

    First, I would like to state that I see no good coming of a minor giving birth. I see it as a bad situation, no matter the mitigating circumstances. So, likewise, I see any hindrance to a teen abortion as being in support of suffering, both the young girl's and the new life's. If parents were able to refuse an abortion for their daughter, the potential would exist for young girls to be forced into having a baby before the age of 18, which, in my humble opinion, is a fate worse than dying. The situation becomes drastically worse when one considers mitigating circumstances surrounding the pregnancy, such as the possibility of first-degree rape, statutory rape, or an abusive partner being the cause of the pregnancy.

    In this same vein, I would like to present evidence for a similar situation. One of the best ways to prevent teen pregnancies, short of complete abstinence which does not seem to happen across the entire population, is proper birth controls methods. Yet, many of the Catholic faith refuse birth control. This is where the statistics come in. The Hispanic community in the US is highly Catholic, and this correlates with teen pregnancies among Hispanic teenagers (prevalence of Hispanic-American teen pregnancies found under the second heading). While a direct causality may not be present in all situations, a generality seems apparent, and thus it seems safe to say that, if Hispanic teens were not pressured by religious concerns to abstain from birth control, the Hispanic-American teen pregnancy rate would go down. Similarly, if parents were not allowed to mess with their minor daughters getting abortions, the rate of teen pregnancies would no doubt go down.


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