Should minors require parental permission to get an abortion?

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  • Parents Are Responsible For Their Children

    If a minor is unable to know how to invest in a stock or gamble until they are 18 how could you entrust them with the life of a human child. They can't manage their finances or sign a contract without adult consent so therefore they cannot be entrusted with a human life.

  • Are you kidding me?

    Absolutely!!! There are some things I wanted to do when I was a minor but I knew my parents would never let me do and now I can see why they wouldn't. I disagree with abortion anyway but a minor having an abortion without parental consent is something that will tear a young woman apart when she gets older and decides she wants to have children.

  • Parents are responsible.

    Technically, I think minors should get parental permission to get pregnant. There are certainly situations in which an abortion might be necessary to save the mother's life. But if it's a minor, technically their body is still under the protection of their parents. Minors need parental permission for doing other things to their body, like getting a tattoo or a piercing. Do we really put a potential human life on a lower plane than a nipple piercing?

  • Abortion is too significant

    Abortion, as a procedure, is a major medical procedure that a minor cannot give informed consent to, especially when they will be unaware of the severe moral consequences of their actions as well as side-effects of an abortion. Furthermore, children are more likely to act upon an emotional impulse or be motivated by fear as opposed to a rational adult, so they cannot be relied upon to give full, informed and unbiased consent to a very severe action.

  • Minors' Brains Are Not Yet Fully Developed and Are Not Prepared to Calculate Advanced Decisions

    Today I will be supporting the argument that minors and more specifically teens should have to request permission from their parents before considering abortion.

    I would like to point out that I am Prolife and that I do not support abortion, I see the parental involvement as a way to bring a knowledgable individual into the situation that may absolve any rash decisions.

    If I may quote from the National Institute for Mental Health: "The research has turned up some surprises, among them the discovery of striking changes taking place during the teen years. These findings have altered long-held assumptions about the timing of brain maturation. In key ways, the brain doesn’t look like that of an adult until the early 20s." As we see form this extremely qualified source, trained scientists can confirm that key changes effecting the frontal cortex occur during the year considered "minor". The frontal cortex is defined as: "The frontal lobes are involved in motor function, problem solving, spontaneity, memory, language, initiation, judgement, impulse control, and social and sexual behavior." As we can see key elements in our minds for making decisions are still being developed, if at all.

    In conclusion we see that due to scientific evidence, a teens brain is still under development. For all their knowledge, perceived knowledge and wisdom of the world, they're still kids who need the guidance of a responsible adult in their world.


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  • A minor's brain is not developed yet. They cannot correctly make choices yet, especially concerning another human's right to life.

    This human cannot speak for itself yet, as it is young and not mature. Same goes for the minor, it I to young to even make a proper decision about what to wear to school much less the life of another innocent human.

    This human cannot tell this minor how wrong it is to murder someone else because it doesn't know how to speak yet. And thus must have a representative. These parents would do nicely to represent that party as they are fully matured adults.

  • No it limits their bodily rights.

    Forcing minors to get parental consent would restrict their right to their own bodies for no good reason. Pregnancy at such a young age can not only be damaging physically to the person but it also has a negative affect on their education. Parents should not have the right to force their kids to go through with their pregnancy against their will.

  • Reading the title

    I want to remind everyone that it's permission to GET an abortion, this means that a minor that wants to continue to live her life as a normal teenager, disagrees with her conservative parents could have her entire life ruined because of a decision that wasn't even in her hands

  • It's a different mindset

    A lot of people's parents grew up in a time when abortion was either illegal or so frowned upon that nobody would even think of getting one. And the times have changed, so for a parent to force their child to go through with a pregnancy and childbirth would be ridiculous.

  • Parental Conflict of Interest

    Parental beliefs should not endanger the minor's health and future. A teen should not be forced to bear a pregnancy she does not want, and raise a baby that she does not have the resources or time for, just because her parents do not believe in abortion or simply want grandchildren. Furthermore that while normal medical procedures should include parental consent for minors, abortions are special cases, as they are religiously charged and represent a much more significant conflict of interest for the parents as opposed to say a surgery for a broken bone. Thus, because conflict of interest for the parents is high, they should not be given control of a minor's pregnancy.

  • Parents do not own their children's bodies

    Parents should not be able to force their children to risk their health and wellbeing. Pregnancy, especially for minors, is risky. Only the person engaging in this risk and their doctor can ultimately make this decision.

    In addition, minors have access to other medical care without parental consent, and minors have even receive treatment for medical conditions against parent consent. It seems odd to pull out this one medical condition, which requires 9 months of medical care if refused, and require parental consent.

  • It will effect their life beyond their years under parental supervision.

    No one else should have the power, not even a parent, to decide if another should give birth to a baby. There is the argument that teenagers are not mature enough to make such a decision, but the same would apply for having a child when the parents want them to have an abortion, which should never be forced either. Neither choice is going to be ideal for a teenager but whether or not the choice is wrong depends solely on how the one carrying the child feels about it just as it does when an adult is making the decision.

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