Should minors that have kids be required to take parenting classes?

  • Yes, i support this idea.

    Children these days have no clue on how to take care of a child. Some kids don't know how to take care of them selves let alone taking care of a baby. Classes will give them more knowledge on raising a child. Half the children that have kids at a young age wont be dedicated as much as a older person having a child. So there should be classes.

  • Yes they should, its helpful

    I think that if you made the decision of doing what you, then you should be responsible for your own error. I understand that sometimes it wasn't planned or it wasn't meant to happen but either way you don't have the right to end a life of someone that isn't responsible for any mistakes that happened. You might as well take care of them and the best way is by taking parenting classes and learning what to do and what not to do when you have them.

  • Yes they should.

    Minors that have kids should have to take a parenting class. It will help them prepare properly for what is to come and to fully understand their new role in life now. Some kids make bad decisions, but are able to accept what happened and create something wonderful from it.

  • Teens and pregnance

    In my experience starting out as a young mom. I believe that if your old enough to have sex our old enough to continue what happens. But you would need to know who comes first if you were to become pregnant. There is more to life then you. Now having a new life to take careof

  • Yes we need parenting classes

    I believe as a teen coming from a broken family, and not know how it looks to raise a child in a clear and safe environment. Taking parenting classes will benefit me and my child from the learning experience in the classes. I also believe that the knowledge of raising a child will be helpful to most of us

  • Minors that have become parents need help in knowing how to be parents.

    Minors as young as 12 can become pregnant and become parents. They are physically able to have children but are lacking in maturity and wisdom to handle raising a child. Classes that help teach parenting skills would be very helpful.

    Posted by: ddeathnote
  • Yes, because teenage parents are not going to learn to be parents from their own failed parents.

    Minors who have had children while still legally children, themselves, have obviously not learned proper parenting from their own parents. This can be partially mitigated by teaching them proper parenting and supervision skills within the school. Another matter is that poverty is nearly guaranteed if you do not finish high school, have children out of wedlock, and never marry. Combining parenting skills with life skills courses targeted at teenagers having children should be mandatory to offset the lack of education they are receiving from their broken homes.

    Posted by: Pir4And
  • Parenting classes would really help minors who have children at too early an age.

    Although minors have the right to engage in sexual intercourse and have a child, I believe government, society, and family should take a more concerned approach to the children who did not ask to be put into this situation. Parenting classes would help the minors who likely have very little knowledge about raising children, and the children are more likely to grow up happy and healthy.

    Posted by: SpikyWesley
  • Kids having kids should be forced to taking parenting classes.

    Not only should they take a class, it should be required before they are even pregnant! Of course we don't want it to happen in first place, but if it does it is imperative they learn how to handle their new responsibilities. Children are a forever job. Teens having babies have got to learn that they are in it for the long haul. Babies are not dolls, or play things. Nothing glamorous about messy diapers and 3 am. feedings.

    Posted by: MoaningElroy
  • If they do not take parenting classes, then it is highly unlikely that they will be successful in raising their children.

    Since children are the future of our neighborhoods, cities, countries, and our world, it is important that they are raised well. When children have children, they need some guidance. And, while it is hopeful that their parents will give them some of that needed guidance, parenting classes would only help to better cement their ability to provide a good childhood for their children. When this is done, it promotes the best benefit to the parents, their children, and society in general.

    Posted by: MariaR
  • Minors Should Not Be Allowed to Keep Kids

    They aren't ready for them at that age. They should have to give their kid up for adoption, to their own parents or relatives if they so choose.

  • Minors with children do not need to take parenting classes more than adults with children, what they need is financial classes.

    If parenting classes were compulsory for anyone having children, then minors with children should be required to take them as well. But to insist for them to have parenting classes is simply too late. What they need more once they have children are classes to help them manage a household, because their children will be cared for in some way when they go to school, whereas their finances will never be looked after by someone else.

    Posted by: NWinters

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