• I think that knowledge should be shared so great things can happen.

    I totally believe in the open access of information. I think that MIT should open up its research and allow anyone to have access to it. Just like open source programs, open access to information will yield positive human growth and change. That way anyone who is intelligent could possibly discover new things within the data.

  • Yes. It should allow open access to its research for positive reasons.

    MIT does some important work in the world. So far to my knowledge, they are almost completely self-contained energy-wise, and, in my opinion, research like this could greatly benefit amateur engineers, among others. On the other hand, if MIT is doing research into weaponry, then I don't necessarily think it would be wise to provide open access to this information, as people with less than noble goals could use it to forward their agendas.

  • It should be up to them

    Research studies should not be conducted by MIT with open access. Competitors would be able to see what they are doing and possibly steal their ideas. When they are ready for their results to be seen, they will publish them in a peer reviewed journal for everyone to see and criticize.

  • MIT Research Does not Need to be Open Access

    MIT has taken great efforts in the attempt to further society by providing open access resources to the public. All MIT classes have been available through the internet since the 1990s. MIT is now part of a growing movement to provide classes online for free with certificates for those that finish with a passing grade. Research, however, can be damaged when access is provided during critical stages.

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